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Maddie - May 27

I received a lot of pacifiers at my baby shower, and I don't know if they are beneficial or not. I've seen little toddlers that SCREAM for HOURS when the parents try to wean them off of them! Is it better to just stear clear of pacies all together and spare myself the weaning? I also plan on br___tfeeding, if that matters. But what are your experiences with pacifiers? - WoRtH it or NoT - ?


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 27

My son would not take one and sometimes I wish he would have because I think he would have slept better. However, one of my son's friends (age 3) is having speech problems because he has still been using his pacifier when he sleeps. It is very hard to wean them off of the pacifiers. Just wing it and don't get too set on one thing or another. If I have learned anything it is that most of what I thought was a definate didn't work out. Even now with my son it is a day to day struggle to figure out what works and what doesn't. GL....


JenniferB - May 27

My son wouldn't take one either but my niece has one in her mouth constantly. I think every kid is different. My husband traded my stepson a toy car for his pacifier. It was easy as that.


jen - May 28

i refused to let my first have one as i had heard it could be a nightmare weaning them off them but my mother in law has raised 5 kids and says not to discount using one and you just have to take each child as it comes, if one cries alot for no particular reason then try a pacifier


m - May 28

babies have a natural need to suck on something. they'll find something to suck on, fingers, thumb, whatever. My daughter liked hers but wasn't in constant need of it. They come in handy sometimes, so I wouldn't rule them out! After it gets to seem too 'baby-like' at a certain age, just throw them away, all of them and tolerate a tantrum or two or three, but they'll get over it and forget it sooner or later.


E - May 28

I use a pacifier as my baby had a very strong sucking reflex. If I had ignored that, it would have been just as difficult for us as it will be when it comes time to wean. Weaning a child off of something is not the worst thing in the world. Also, you do not need to give the baby the pacifier all of the time. Occasional use does not mean that they will become dependent on it. If they are dependent, who cares? We are talking about vulnerable infants, that need rea__surance and the feeling of safety. Oddly, the pacifier can help when they are upset. Listening to them cry as a newborn is really hard for a new mom. It is easier to let them cry when they are older and you are not so overly sensitive to their needs, as I was.


Maleficent - May 29

neither of my kids would take one, and trust me, i tried! DD preferred to suck her thumb and at 2 and a half she's still at it. i don't worry about it. some kids have a stronger sucking reflex than others, you'll figure out what works for your baby.


JenniferB - May 29

The only thing that scares me about them is when they get older and have teeth. Sometimes you see kids chewing on them instead of sucking. I am always afraid that they will cause the nipple to fall apart and choke on it. I know, can you say nuerotic? I worry about everything. lol


Jodie - May 29

I had one with both my kids and they both weaned off them easily at 18 months. I was never going to give my second one but he started sucking his thumb and i thought it would be easier getting rid of the pacifier


P - May 29

My DD doesn't really like them. She'll take one every so often but prefers her thumb/fist/sleeve/my shirt...lol She's still very young (11 weeks) so we'll see how it goes. Both my sisters kids used them but they were done with them around a year and a half. I've yet to see a bride walking down the aisle with one.


Katharine - May 30

I was dead-set against them and belittled every mother who used one. However...a few months in, my little angel got a hold of one and never let go. She weaned off the b___st and bottle with no problems at all, but that paci was a whole other story. We finally took them away when she was 2 1/2. She lost her "last" one and we didn't look too hard. It was shortly before Christmas and she asked for a paci for Christmas... We didn't give in. It was tough, but I'm glad we gave her one in the first place because she loved it so much and it was a life saver for us.


Lissi - May 30

It is very hard to ween them off sometimes. My niece still had to have hers at bed time when she was 5. This seems way too old to me, but I have a SIL who never had one and developed a thumb sucking habit. Consequently, she has very wonky teeth. She can still be caught sucking on her thumb when she's sleeping and she's 38 years old! I'd opt for the pacifier.


ES - May 31

I do not believe in pacifiers but my sister did not either until she realized that her son was using her as his pacifier and so he got one and was weened at 10 months. I never had one as a child but I sucked my thumb until I was 11 and my dad finally paid me 50 bucks to quit.



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