What About These Baby Names

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Tawny - May 4

Boy - Alabasterd McCain, Thomas McKinley, Havard Stratford McNaughton Girl - Waverly Belgium, Azeleah Tunum, Palomina Phreckles I know they are not the norm but we want something very unique that no one else will have.


? - May 4

defniatley don't think you will have to worry about anyone else having them! I would be p__sed of at you for the rest of my life if i was your child and you named me some of those names! Phreckles? WTH?


April - May 4

just make sure you concider the nicknames that your child will be called all through school... please do not name your boy "alabasterd".. he will be called "b___d" all through high school.. haha... that's just like my ex boyfriend's sister is naming her baby "cooper" which seems like a pretty cool name... except the poor child will be known as "pooper" all through school...


jackie - May 4

is this a joke? Name him Alab___d that way everyone can call him b___d, or name her Paolmina Phreclkes i would be so embarrased if I was your kid!


e - May 4

sorry but I'm really not fond of any of them...it's your baby though, name him/her what you want...but like the others said, think of the teasing and the nicknames they'll get later in life. Please please don't name your some alabasterd....I can see the names now, bastart, terd...i like thomas mckinley the best....and please please don't name your girl palomina phreckles...sounds like a speckled horse. good luck with the naming!


e - May 4

i meant "son" not "some"


Marge - May 5

Yeah, I like them all. I might even steal phreckles from you, that's adorable!


? - May 5

hello little boy....what's your name? My name is Alab___d but everyone calls me Terd for short........sometimes b___d. lolololololololololol...It takes all kinds!!!


janice - May 5

you people are CRAZY!! lol........Those names have to be a joke!!!! Unless you live on Mars!


OMG - U Have to B Kidding - May 5

Wait - here's one - Basil Norris. Or wait, how about Weiner (pronounced VEE-ner).....that outta get him through high school nicely


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 5

Do you want your child to get beat up every day? These names, other than Thomas McKinley, are HORRIBLE. (but I must admit, i'm laughing my a__s off at Alab___d and Phreckles. :o)


? - May 5

ha,ha...that's funny! No heres one.....Archibald Pooter......or wait heres another....Gilmer Svinctor.....that poor kid!


Fabienne - May 5

definetely don't like Alabasterd - because of the nickname he'll probably get (and it isn't a nice one) - I like Thomas Mc Kinley - Harvard is ok too. Don't like the girls' names.... but it's me :) And congrats on your baby :))


D - May 5

I like unusual names myself... I hadn't thought of those, though! Probably won't be borrowing any either... But I think if we name our kids strange names, we should give them more "normal" middle names... that way they have another option if they don't feel the same way about the name we picked!


? - May 5

Tawny, please tell us you were joking about these names......you were werent you? Where are you?


heidi - May 5



Nikki - May 5

what??? you have got to be kidding, Palomina is a breed of horse, not to mention phreckles, thats something to name a cat, why dont you just name the child painted mare, Alabasterd?? sounds like a basterd from alabama....a hillbilly basterd....harvard stratford sounds like someone is strattling harvard....Thomas Mckinley is the most normal name you have....can't believe you came up with a normal one....I went to high school with a girl named Lucious Cox, I don't think anyone could ever beat that name....The principle would come over the intercom at school and say "If there is a lucious cox in the building please come to the main office" .... you best believe that she had a very unique name but there are plenty of lucious cox in the world *wink*



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