What Are Some Of Your Favorite Things

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TX Girrrl - April 26

Off topic, I've found a few products lately I don't plan on doing without again. How about you? What products are you swearing by these days? Skin Simple eye cream - This stuff really does work on fine lines. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - Holy cow, this thing picks up ANY stain. Fat Babies by Ariat - These boots funky like Dr. Maartens and are more comfy than tennis shoes.


tiffani ~ edd 11/07/05 - April 26

I'm with you on the Mr. Clean magic eraser! My daughter drew ALL OVER our living room wall with crayons, and thanks to Mr. Clean, it was gone in minutes. I'll have to think on this one..... :o)


genuine :) - April 26

Mmm...body b___ter. I live on the prairies, and it is so incredibly dry here in the winter! Body b___ter (the grape scented kind from Walmart) is the only thing that gets my skin to go from flaky and dry, to soft and silky smooth! (Wow, I sound like a commercial.) Anyways, the stuff goes everywhere with me. I feel lost without it... :o)


amanda.d - April 26

I would have to say the original Oil of Olay moisturizer, Oh and ya i agree totally with the whole Mr.Clean eraser thing.Also i could not live without lysol wipes.LOL! I am a clean freak.


nelly - April 27

i discovered this lavender salt scrub at bath and body works it is fantastic!! as long as you dont get it iin a cut my skin feels brand new after using it like pure silk and my husbabd is a real manly guy and does not like anything girly he want even use the same shampoo as me because it is fragrant and he has used the salt scrub.


Misty - April 27

Have to agree with the lysol wipes. You can use them on everything from wood to mirrors and it gets the dust without spreading it. Also the lysol plug in air freshener. The one that uses oil, I just got it yesterday and my bathroom has never smelled do clean. It isn't a flowery scent, just a clean one. Oh yeah, the oxy clean spray. It gets out stains that have been there forever. My fiance had a footprint on the back of one of his favorite shirts for over a year, after a few treatments it was gone.


amy w - April 27

i have been useing this eye cream by benefit called eyecon...it helps reduse the apperance of dark under eye circles, and i really like it. ( benefit is a makeup counter at macy's kind of like clinique or any of those other ones, it is small still, but i do recommend a lot of their makeup products lol...i sound like an advetising agency, not my intention lol )


Misty - April 27

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.


rb - April 27

hey misty - i got that - brown paper packages, tied up with strings...


tiffani ~edd 11/07/05 - April 28

lol Misty! :o)


toes - April 29

duct tape :)


toes - April 29

whoops, missed THE MOST important thing--TIVO!!


toes - April 29

I just flashed back to when I was like 6 or so, didn't Sesame street have Oscar the Grouch sing "these are a few of my most disgusting things" ? I don't remember what they were, but I can just picture him singing the song.



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