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jal239 - March 9

My DH and I are hoping to have a baby in Oct 2007. Based on the 9 month 0r 10 month schedule(some people go by different time frames). I know this sounds crazy but what month would be the best time to try, December or January? It would be prefect if this all fell into place to have the baby in october, but i also have to be realistic. This is all based on the assumption that I can get pregnant. Thanks everyone.


LadyD - March 9

You should ttc in January b/c I conceived about 1/25 and my due date was 10/12, I believe. It's been 5 yrs. but so my due date may be a few days off but it is definetely an Oct. baby...good luck! My daughter was a preemie so I never made it that far. Oh, yeah, Oct. my favorite month b/c it's my birthday so you know I am all for you having the baby then...lol.


Krista - March 9

I got prego in mid december and am due Sept 2nd....So if you want it due in mid Oct you'd have to get prego at the end of Jan I'd think...just count from the day of conception 40 weeks and that will be your due date...


oz - March 9

We are kind of in the same boat. We really want to have a child that is born early next year so we are holding off a bit for now and will start trying in a few months. We have so many birthdays in december/early jan including both of ours, a nephew, his mums, my brothers and grandmothers plus it will be our 9 yr anniversary and also Xmas is shoved in there too. I think if we can delay so the baby wouldnt be due until feb or after it would be for the best. I agree with the other ladies that if you want a baby born in Oct you would need to wait until about Jan. I know its not common to fall preggo immediatley but at least you know if you were one of the lucky ones you will hopefully get your baby around the time you hoped. Goodluck xx


Lin - March 9

Forget trying to plan your baby. It's highly unlikely that you'll get pregnant exactly when you want to anyway. I'll be happy to have a baby whenever I can get the chance. Screw getting picky. S/he doesn't want to have a December birthday? Tough t_ts. I conceived you when I conceived you, so quit your whinging and accept your birthmas present!


laura8 - March 9

check out a due date calculator and fill in the dates of your periods...it will tell you when you will be due if you concieve in any given month


oz - March 10

lin im not sure if your remarks were aimed at me but if they were i think you misunderstood what i wrote. Us delaying ttc is not because of the xmas/birthday issue. I did say that it is not common to fall pregnant immediatley but was stating to Jal239 if she was was one of the lucky ones to and have fall pregnant immediatley that ttc in Oct should hopefully give her the result she is after.


Lin - March 10

No, they weren't, actually.


reason0307 - March 10

jal239You should try in January.Hey Lady D you conceived on my birthday.



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