What Are The Limits For Tanning While Pregnant

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angela - March 21

i was woundering if its safe to tan your beely outside?or if its safe to go to a tanning bed???


Alicia - March 15

It's alwyas safe to check with your physcian because they say diferent things. But my tanning salon says that the UV rays don't hurt the baby but the intense heat may. Spray tan is always a good way too.


Mary - March 21

I was wondering the same thing to


Jennifer P - March 21

I was wondering the same thing too, I am going to Jamaica in a couple weeks and if I don't get some colour before I will burn the second the sun gets sight of me :) I went tanning a number of weeks ago, in a warm stand-up and had to get out early because I started to overheat and nearly pa__sed out, (not normal for me) Since then I have been reading that it isn't the rays that are hurtful, but the overheating. I have been playing it safe going in a weak bed for less time, and carefully monitoring my heat level to make sure I don't overheat. I was not sure if self-tanners were okay, because I would prefer to do that that tan after what happened


A - March 21

I don't think it is safe, but check with your dr first.


Andrea - March 21

I own a certified tanning salon owner. Jennifer P. has it right......its not the rays its the heat that you have to watch out for. Even if you tan outside you have to be very careful not to overheat. Also some women are unable to tan during pregnancy ( indoors or out) because of hormones. The hormones that women produce during pregnancy can cause your skin to "blotch" and tan unevenly. Your skin can also dry out a lot easier. The spray tan is an excellent option. Quick tip if you do choose the spray tan.....make sure you exfoliate your entire body before you go. This makes you tan more even and beautiful.


becky - April 13

My sister owns a tanning salon and I asked my doctor about tanning as well. He said that it is safe as long as you don't tan more than once a day, which is not recommended anyway. He said that your body temperature rises no higher while tanning than it does when you do light exercise like walking. He said that as long as you sweat when your body temperature rises, then your okay.


Kristin - April 13

Oh-no more tanning beauties:) haha, just kidding. This is what my doctor told me, if we can live without it for nine months while were are in our mommies tumies, then we can live without it for the 9 months that are little ones are in our tummies. Ladies it will not hurt to be on the safe side for 9 months, because think about it, how many of us fall asleep in the tanning bed, put your hand up, because you know you do, its very hard to determine how hot it is getting since are bodies are already going through a change.


Kaz - April 14

I'm not one for the sun but I have read that while you're pregnant you must be more careful and be sure to have screen on and hat as the pigment in your skin is so much more sensitive than normal. Here (in Oz), it's usually best to avoid too much sun in any circ_mstance


Amber - April 19

I would really like to know the answer to that one too. I am 27 weeks pregnant and white as a ghost. My baby will be born right in the middle of summer and I want a beautiful tan when my baby gets here in July. Please give me some answers if it is safe to tan while pregnant.


Layla - April 19

Have you seen the spray tan guns in the stores? I saw one at Target for about twnety dollars and it look like a caulk gun but it sprays tan on you and I am going to try that. I would not tan in a tanning bed while pregnant because no one REALLY knows what it does. I would imagine it would overheat your body and splotch your skin all up. I am due in July and when it gets a little warmer I am going to get a raft and float in the pool. That way I can get a tan and I know I won't overheat because I will be in the pool.


To Layla - April 20

Hey :o) Have you tried the tanning gun yet?


Alicia - July 6

Is it okay to tan while b___stfeeding?



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