What Are You Having

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tera - November 11

hi ladies i am 22wks pregnant and am having a girl,just wondering what you are all having


Nicole - November 12

I am also 22 weeks and am having a girl what is your due date tera?


Michelle - November 12

I am 29 weeks and having a little boy! Good luck you two! I am SO excited!


*sunny* - November 12

I am 24 weeks and I'm having a baby!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, we chose not to find out until the time comes.


K - November 12

Hi I'm 23 weeks and I'm having a boy. We didn't want to know the s_x in the beginning but then curiosity got the better of us!


Anette - November 12

I am 26 weeks preg. and I am having a little boy. In the beggining I was dissapointed bcs I wanted a girl so much, even before getting married, but now I would not exchange this little baby boy for anything in the world. I never thought I would love so much and do so many things for a MAN, specially one that has not even been born yet! God bless you all and your babies and good luck.


jb - November 12

I am 26 weeks and we are having a girl. (Hopefully!)


tera - November 12

i am due march 15th,am so excited also congrats on the boy michelle


Nicole - November 12

Tera that is funny I am also due march 15 due you have any names picked out yet?


Lisa - November 12

Hi Tera! I'm almost into my 24th week and I'm having a girl too!


tera - November 12

i was thinking of the name chloe skye.what do you think of that name nicole?


tera - November 12

what are you naming baby lisa?


Nicole - November 12

I have always liked the name chloe skye is pretty too


tera - November 12

nicole,whats your little bundles name going to be?i have a neice named nichole


keya - November 14

i am 32 weeks and having a boy


karine - November 14

iam 13weeks pregnant, and iam finding out the 13dec. i cant wait!


Tess - November 14

Im 13w3d and we dont get to find out our baby's gender til 1st wk of Jan. I can't wait. But I get to see my Dr. during my 17 wks. Is that too early to tell? How can I request on finding out the baby's gender sooner?



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