What Are You Naming Your Baby

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Ashley - November 10

I thought this would be fun and help anyone in a name delimma get an idea of what others are naming their babies. My 6 year old daughters name is Mallory Carrick Lynn My sons name (due 02-21-06) is going to be Trenton Preston Lee.


amb - November 10

UGH i have a boy name noah allen but NO girl name and i was told today its probably a girl so my dh and i are STUCK!!! i love the name emilie or olivia but not too sure yet!!


Steph - November 10

My seven year old daughter's name is Myia Love and my step-daughter's name is Ciara Lauren. This one, edd 07-12-06, is going to be Abigail Lynn or Trevor Mitchell.


well - November 10

for a girl...we are going with grace elizabeth, and for a boy it is down to two...either jacob ian, or ian james...cant decide, so hopefully it is a girl lol! i love all of the names that you all just mentioned too...amb...i especially love the name olivia...it isnt all that common, and i think it is such a pretty name...i hope that helps you some lol...but probably not huh? take care all...and good luck with the baby name game!


J - November 10

we are naming our son Joseph Ryan


Lacy - November 10

Hubby and I want to name our baby, if its a girl, Chloe Jocelyn, and if its a boy, probably Brycen Scott.


Jill - November 10

We have big list to narrow from, and we need to finish going through the book, but so far: Sofie for a girl, and Zachary Bryan for a boy. Our last name is Italian but I can't find any Italian boy names that are not TOO ethnic AND are not already used in the family. Chloe is up there for a girl too.


Beth S - November 10

well my 4 month old little boy is Grady Thomas ( family names) and my step daughter is Rebecca Anne


Jeriah - November 11

My 14 year old daughter is Arzel Guiya Taxene. My 9 year old daughter is Cyan Xzalea Miehi. My 8 year old daughter is Trinity Krishna Nadiel. My 6 year old son is Zealin Xavier Prema. We are thinking of naming this baby Zen Quintin (since he is the 5th)


Kristin - November 11

We are having a boy - naming him Cameron Steven


Amy - November 11

Hi ladies i have 3 kids and 1 on the way my kids names are Mariah Jade, Jaron Bryant, Juliana Faith, and Baby it's a BOY will be Logan Jace but i love the name Lilli Makenna that was our girl name this time


Tess - November 11

Boy = Juan Carlos Girl = Isabelle Lorraine


Alicia - November 11

For a girl, we are going with Madelyn Brianna and for a boy, Caleb Austin


name calling - November 11

hmmm interesting Mallory Carrick Lynn ...I like that , its unique really stands out , sounds like a prodominant structured name ,light but like someone educated ....'nice' . Work on Trenton Preson Lee though ...I think it sounds a little typical . anyway good taste !


Me - November 11

If it is a boy we are going to name him Siert Andrew (pronounced like the mint cert) and if is a girl she will be Cadence Grace... What does everyone think?


Tiffany - November 11

If its a girl it will be Terra Celeste and a boy Logan Michael.


L - November 11

Having a boy. His name will either be Kyle or Liam.



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