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curious - August 12

Ok, just for my own personal curiosities i would like to know who is for/against what and what country they live in (you don't have to put a name). I have noticed some differences and i'm just wondering if it's individual or evironmental. I am also curious how each individual responds (whether they are for all, against all, or how they have split it) So are you for/against: vaccines, circ_mcision, baby ear piercing, drinking during pregnancy (more than once a week), smoking cigerettes while pregnant, smoking marijuana while pregnant or br___tfeeding, giving preschoolers soda, first time mothers having elective c-sections (not for medical reasons).. These are the only ones i can remember that have been 'hot topics' here in the last month or so (feel free to add if you see fit). PLEASE DON'T COME HERE TO ACCUSE, RANT, WHATEVER.. If you feel strongly about one of these subjects, post in the threads specifically about them or this will get long and ugly QUICK. Thanks.


forgot one - August 12



Heidi - August 12

Oh god, sounds like way too many questions and they way my hormones fluctuate, I'd say my answers would change on a daily basis. I love America, I hate the cost of health care, smoke if you want, do drugs if you want, it's your body and your baby. I'm no one to judge.


Purple / USA - August 12

Yes vaccines, yes circ_mcision, no comment on baby ear piercing, i have a little boy (3) and another baby on the way, will find out s_x next week. I have had a few smokes and a beer or gla__s of wine here and there. Did same w/ first, he weighed 8lb 9oz., I've had the same doctor for the past 12 years and she know i have a smoke here and there and that i have a drink here and there, she is not concerned. Women have been having babies for millions of years with no problems, and then you have people on this forum asking if it's okay to use hair spray, come on people, use common sense. We cannot live in pregnancy fear, that every little thing we do is going to cause our babies to come out with 3 heads, and i think our healthcare industry does a good job of scaring the hell out of people as well. Just be pregnant, do the best you can, don't eat french fries from sun up to sun down, throw an apple in there somewhere, no shots of tequila, but a beer here and there will not cause your unborn to come out with a tail sprouting horns...I wish everyone happy healthy beautiful babies.......


Evy - August 12

For vaccines, circ_msion is individual choice of parents, against baby ear piercing, I do not drink any alcohol but leave it up to the mom's jurisdiction to have a couple of gla__ses of wine, against smoking anything....I am from the US


jay - August 12

vaccines, circ_mcision, ear piercings...definately if the parents opt to do it. it's their kid. i doubt that a random drink during pregnancy will hurt (egad!!! yes i did say that!) no-go on the cigarette smoking, but that's just my opinion and i would not blink twice at a pregnant smoker because it's not my biz...mary jane? yes, in EDUCATED MODERATION, pregnant or not. i would not give a preschooler soda on a regular basis, but if there is soda at a special event (ie: a b-day party) then yes. first timer C-sections? hey, it's their body. I think people should do what fits their circ_mstance and beleifs, as long as it is not hurting anybody.


just a random thought/usa - August 12

i dont think that giving up smoking, drinking, and doing drugs for nine months (or ten...however you look at it) is that much out of your life to ensure that your child inside your womb is getting every oppurtunity (sp) it deserves to be healthy. what we as adults do to our own body is one thing, but when being a house for a developing fetus is another...the world is so messed up as it is, that i think that we owe it to our future children to provide them with the safest nest to grow and develope in as we can...the world is going to have a major effect on them as it is...we need to be more responsible and less selfish to our offspring...they deserve it...after all our children are the future, and if we take a step back, and start things off right, think of the differance that it might make in the long run...wow...i just really rambled, and i dont think i made much sense...but thanks for the topic...it gave me a place to give my own opinion! have a great day...and i wish you all the best of luck ttc, and with your pregnancies, and new babies!


Jess - August 12

I am from Canada and 27 years old if that is important. Vacinations - Yes, but i will do research, I do believe that there are risks, but the benefits far outweight them Circ_mcision - Personal choice, my baby won't be circ_mcised, but I don't look down on others who choose to do it, I don't however like the reason that it is so they don't get teased because they look different. Around here it is the norm to not circ_msize, and why are boys looking at each others p___ses anyways? Ear piercing - Again personal choice Drinking/Smoking/Drugs - Absolutely not during pregnancy or b___st feeding. Your baby is totally dependent on you to keep it safe and I feel you should do everything you can to make sure that there is the least amount of possibility that she/he could get hurt by something Soda - On special occasions I do feel strongly about some of these things, but wouldn't be critical of someone who has a different opinion.



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