What Can We Do To Stop The Teenage Pregnancy

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Jason - July 6

I was wondering what we could do to stop the teenage pregnancy?


Billy - April 22

Abortion could be the way to stop it


Tash - May 8

give your kids contraception when they hit their teens!


lianne - July 5

nothin u ent gonna stop us from doin wat we want,ur all bein pathetic, so wat teens r pregnant, the world ent gonna end, im 13 and im pregnant, and im keepin it, and most of my mates av bin pregnana ta 1 time.let us do wat WE want 2 do and stop deciding 4 us!


LH - July 5

Stopping teen pregnancy all together is nearly impossible, but we can lower the statistics. The number one cause is not being educated on the matter. Teens think they are invinsible, or they respond to their impulses without thinking of the outcome. Every parent should talk to their kids. If their kids will not listen, leave magazine articles around. Schools should teach about the dangers of teen pregnancy and s_xually transmitted diseases. Teen pregnancy is something to worry about, some kids just want to be loved or have someone to love. So I think it needs to start with the parents! Tough Love, my daughter thought she wanted to have s_x. OK, lets talk, I educated her on the subject. It did not work, she ended up pregnant. She wanted to keep it. Of course, it was not for me to decide. But I could persuade her in the direction I felt was right. Abortion or Adoption. So, I kicked her out. She had no where to go, so I called a few shelters for her. I told her if she could take care of herself then she just may be able to support her and her child. She couldn't. Not still being in school, no education and no work expeirence. Her child was given up for adoption and she came back home thanking me for putting her in a real life situation. For me, it was Tough Love!


brucen - July 6

abortion is not and should not be thought of as a PREVENTATIVE measure for ANY pregnancy. If you're in a position to have an abortion, how have you prevented being pregnant? As for the "mom" who used "tough love" and kicked her daughter out to pressure her into abortion or adoption... to each her very own, but what about emotional support?


katrina - July 6

I believe this question is insane...There is no way or no body that can stop teens in getting pregnant.What are you guys going to do kill them all. I believe any teen that becomes pregnant should know the consquences and major responsibility. Posting this question is not going to save all the pregnant teenagers. I trust that parents are the ones that should educate their kids. Or there some teen out there that reachs out to a mother and father and what do they get is a Slap in the face or no shoulder to cry on or no one that could sit with them becasue they are to busy. Or those drunk parents that dont care.. Mostly like it all depends in the environment they live in. The big issue is Teenagers if your planning to have fun think of using a condom/birth control pills.......And Lianne we live our lifes we do what we want and no one decideds for us....But dont u think being 13 is to young to be supporting a baby with no job to support... I wish u the best and i hope your family is behind you 100%........Best of luck


Lilly - July 6

Abortion is not the way out. I heard that having too many abortions could make you infertle. Teen's are going to have s_x no matter what. Most of it is "Everyone else is doing it" I think parents should face the fact that no matter what they should try to avoid pregnancy by putting their girls on birthcontrol.And to talk with their boys and give them condoms. In a way it's an invitation for them to want to start have s_x, but better the parents trying to prevent it then their kid's ending up with some kind of STD or pregnant. Teen pregnancy will always be an issue.


less - July 6

OK. teen preganancy is something no one can stop...I think that teens being pregnant is babies having babies. But there could be teens out there that are mature enough to take all that responsibilitie. So i admire those teens that have the courage and power to go ahead with life with being teen mother and having support from family which is the most important. As for teen mother that are just sleeping around for fun having babies to give them up for adoption or abortion that is rediculos. Learn first to take care of yourself then go ahead and take that responsibilitiy. As for the life experience LH went through with daughter i think its was wrong in giving her that option i understand what she did was wrong must of been a reblious child she did what she wanted but in rough times u dont give up your child like that like the way your daughter gave hers.....u dont move her out of her house to learn a lesson.....I also depends on the environment and the religion...My best to all the young teens ...


Beth - July 6

Really, it should be up to the parents. It's really their responsibility to talk to their children about s_x and the consequences. It shouldn't be left up to us. The best thing that we can do is give good advice and try best to show support.


Tara - July 6

Young girls get pregnant because they want to be loved unconditionally by someone. A baby is someone they can love and gives love unconditionlly. They don't feel loved by others in their lives. Young girls need their father in their lives, because they are looking for that Love else where, and even though its the wrong type of love, they need to get it from someone. And then they get pregnant and get that unconditional love. It's sad but true.



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