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Maddie - April 25

Hmmm...I dont' know what it is...I think it's the thought of wondering where in the world a catheter would be stuck in me to begin with! I didn't know that you even had to worry about a catheter during labor. I'm scared. I don't want one! Did most women get one? If I don't get an epidural, do I still need a catheter? Please help, I don't want a tube stuck inside of a hole that size of a pin head!


MG - April 25

Hi Maddie. I had a catheter inserted during labour. It's to relieve the bladder so that the baby drops faster in the birth ca___l. It's not comfortable, but it's not painful either.


Maddie - April 25

Ok, so not painful makes me happy. I have a pretty high tolerance for physical pain...but a very LOW tolerance for mental pain. If I picture the catheter remaining inside me, I'll be dying to pull it out!! How long do they keep it in you? And is it really a TUBE stuck inside of your urinary hole? I didn't even know there was room for a tube. =( Still scared!


MG - April 25

They put it in when I was about 5cm dilated. I had no idea the nurse was doing it. I just felt something weird and she told me it was a catheter. I guess she figured that if she told me before doing it that I wouldn't let her do it at all. It was removed when I started pushing. To tell you the truth, I don't know EXACTLY where it goes, cause I didn't quite have a view of that area. Don't worry; if you get one, you won't care. Once you're in full labour, you won't think about anything other than getting that baby out so you can finally see the beautiful creation you've made.


Maleficent - April 25

i had one put in when i had my first. they refused to let me get out of bed at all once i had the epidural. my dad offered to carry me to the bathroom but instead they just cathed me. (the b___hes) it was not at all painful going in, uncomfortable, but not painful. it burned a wee bit when it was taken out...probably since they waited TWO DAYS. (i repeat, BITCHES!) stupid me thought it was all normal procedure. just stick up for yourself. you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. and if you do end up with a catheter don't let them "forget" to remove it. (i hope you don't have kiaser. they are all b___hes.) lol.


Sam - April 25

I'm 15 weeks and had some bleeding at 13 weeks. I went to the ER and had one inserted there. Now, I have a VERY high physical pain threshold, but it was painful for me. Of course, the nurse that did it to me was so incompetent that she had to try twice so that could of had something to do with it.... I've been having trouble with a UTI since. I told my doc, "NEVER AGAIN!!" He said he never uses them with laboring women. So, I guess talk to your doc. I didn't mean to freak you out, I just though I'd emphasize the importance of competent medical staff....


Ashley - April 25

If you get an epideral you'll need one cause you won't feel yourself pee. Its not bad at all cause they put it in when you're already numb from the edideral so you don't feel it.


E - April 25

I had an epidural and a catheter. Once you have the epidural, the catheter cannot be felt. I was just as worried as you, and felt nothing when it was inserted.


Jbear - April 26

I had a c-section, and the catheter is standard procedure for it. It was inserted before the anesthesia was done, but I had so many other things I was miserable about that the catheter didn't bother me at all.


manda - April 26

that was the last thing on my mind when I was in labor.


chel - April 26

I have had a catheter for both c-sections I've had. It's not bad at all. You will feel a little funny when it's first put it. It kinda reminded me of a really big tampon. After a minute though, I forgot it was there. With my last child I was on the telephone with my mom when the nurse came in and took it out. It didn't hurt at all.


Katharine - April 26

I didn't have an edpidural, but did have a catheter. I don't know why and have no memory of pain from it (again, once in labor...). The only reason I remember having one at all is that I was so dehydrated that they were shocked that nothing came out when they put it in. They wouldn't take it out until I peed enough afterward and was rehydrated (maybe <12 hours after delivery?).


Carol - April 26

All of this labor info is just making me want to have a midwife!! I mean I want an epidural, but all this other stuff seems like it is so that is more of a convenience for the hospital staff than the patient. If they give you a "walking epidural" shouldn't you still be able to get up and go pee? I fully intend to walk around and eat while I am in labor. The thought of ice chips for 15 hours is just ridiculous! Has anyone ever had a mid-wife or home delivery? I used to think those women were a little crazy, but now the idea appeals to me more and more


Sam - April 26

Carol, I know what you're going through. this is my first pregnancy and the more I read up on different procedures, the more I realize that hospitals are very much into getting you in, getting the kid out of you, and getting you gone. Everything is geared towards efficiency. Sticking you on your back to push, telling you to push when you dont feel the need to, forcing an IV on you, making you feel like you can't do it without pain meds, etc. It's all so impersonal. So mechanical. The hospital near me said that pregnant women are put into rooms in twos. If you disturb the other lady in the room, they "strongly urge" you to get an epidural. Whether you want one or not. I guess I might be being a little overly-righteous but c'mon. My baby and i are different than every other woman who has ever given birth. treat me that way!!!


Katie - April 28

I wouldn't be scared. My ,now 5 year old, cousin has an abnormal bladder and has to get get cathed every 4 hours, ever since she was 2, so i think if a 2 year old can handle every 4 hours then you can handle it.



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