What Color Are Your Prenatal Vitamins

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Faiths mommy - January 20

I just got a refill of them and I usually get the red ones with the black dots in them. Now I got tan color ones with no dots all they say is g12. On the bottle it says prenavite plus. any of you have this.I just think it is wierd to all of a sudden get different ones.


Tess - January 20

I have the Target brands prenatal vitamins- - they come in 1 color only n that is light brownish-brown.


Ba8y6irl - January 20

mine are pink! :)


m - January 20

If you are getting prescription ones, I'd be wondering why they were different all of a sudden, also. I just buy OTC ones, so I don't know much about prescription. But I'd ask the doctor and/or pharmacist the deal.


Faiths mommy - January 20

We are in the military so I was just wondering if that is the reason they changed. I will call them and find out.


Faiths mommy - January 20

I just called the pharmacy and he said that they changed to new ones, these new ones don't even have that strong odor the others have.


m - January 20

Well, that's cool. What is it about vitamins and that smell???? :o)


Lin - January 20

I get Long's otc generic prenatals, and they're a beigey-mauve with no writing on them. To m - the prescription ones could be different because they're a different generic.


krc - January 20



m - January 20

Gotcha Lin! Mine are just pink otc ones, so I don't know a thing about prescription ones.


M.A. - January 20

Mine are prescription, and they're a nice dark purple color! They smell and taste sweet! I've never taken any that are like this before. I really like 'em. My pharmacist tried to give me different ones last month. Same brand, just a tiny bit different. I noticed it said "Take as directed", and nobody directed me to take them. So I called them, and they actually accidently gave me the wrong prescription! Even if they had directions, I still would've asked anyway though. The ones they gave me were like b/c pills. Two a day, at certain times! With the ones I have, I only have to take one.


Lin - January 20

krc, that's it! Mine are terra cotta! Beigey-mauve, what the hell was I thinking...


nikol - January 20

I have Life brand and mine are pink with no writing.


snickelfritz - January 20

Ditto krs (lol)


krc - January 20

LOL, Lin you gave me a good laugh....thanks !!!! My mom has a faux painting business and does canvas art so growing up of course she was always explaining to me the different names of colors! The terra cotta pills reminded me of our old patio stepping stones in our backyard we bought from home depot and they sold as " terra cotta concrete stones " LOL


Johnna - January 22

Pink with black writing on them my doctor wrote them out for me to take.


Tye - January 22

Could it be that they gave you generic. Somtimes if not otherwise specified by the doctor they will give you generic- depending on the pharmacy. I think that sudden change in appearence in medication has happened to me before too and I think that was the reason.



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