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anita2000ng - March 7

i spotted for 2 1/2days,it stoped and stared again the day after and stoped the same day.now i have my lower tommy swollen and usually have cramps and waist pain.i did a hpt twice,and came out negetive the first time,the second one never showed any sign.went ahead to do a blood test just yesteday and it came out negetive too.my nipples still aches.what do u think this could be,was i too fast to do a test?someone please help i need to know.thanks for your contributions.Ani


Gla__schicky - March 10

OK when was your last period? It's strange because my last period was August 23/07 and I had significant cramping in my abdomen, sore b___bs etc but no spotting. I did 2 preg tests after my period was 10 days late...both came out negative and then I waited a few days and retook the test and it came out positive. You may be pregnant and for some reason it's too early to detect as my doctor said when I asked why my previous tests came out negative. However you may just be experiencing something else, are you on birth control at all? I was on the pill when I conceived and I think that made my results a little funky. Let me know:)


Grandpa Viv - March 10

Some women do not get a positive test until 2 weeks late. Test weekly using first morning pee until missing a second period, then call the doc. Other signs are tired, peeing more, lotion discharge and a bunch of others. Good luck!


Gla__schicky - March 11

yeah it took about 2 weeks for me to get a positive test result and it was really faint. Just hang in there, give it a few more days and then try again, let us know what happens:) Good luck!


anita2000ng - March 11

Thanks for your answers.Gla__schicky i pray mind turns out possitive like urs lol.well i was placed on clomid before i was 5 days late for my period.funny enough i don't feel sick,just dizzy and tired in the mornings and feeling sleepy and all that.whan do u think it will be proper to take the next blood test cos i'm scared?i still have soreness of the b___st and lite cramps though i'm on pregna care now which since i started taking it,has reduced the cramps i use to have.Once again thanks!


anita2000ng - March 11

hi Gla__schicky my last period came on 23rd feb.08 and stoped 25th of th esame month which is very unusual.normally it's for 5days,this came for 2 1/2 days cos it stoped in the afternoon of the 3rd day.so what do you say to that?


anita2000ng - March 11

hi Gla__schicky,my last period was on the 23rd of feb.08 and ended 25th of the same month.which was very unusual,normally it last for 5 days.what do u make of that? Thanks for ur reply.


Jezebel - March 11

this is what happens when people take unprescribed medication. the 'symptoms' you are describing are also side effects. as for 2 day periods, it could be the clomid, it could also just be an 'off' period, i had a 2 day period last month heres some info pregnancy. emedtv. com/ clomid/ clomid- side- effects. html remove the spaces, not the dashes


WD - March 17

I been spotting in the past three days as well and with cramps. Did a pregnancy test but came out to be negative. This is the 29th day of my cycle. Last cycle was 24 days, usually 29-32 days. I guess I will wait and see what happen, give it another week or so. good luck to you ^_^


Gla__schicky - March 17

Hi anita2000ng, do you have irregular periods? Having a weird period could also be caused by stress. Are you having any other symptoms at all? I would wait to see what happens with this period, if it is late do a pg test after a few days, otherwise it might just be things going on in your life that may be contributing to it, good luck!


anita2000ng - March 18

Thanks for all your response,actally Gla__schicky i really don't know what to say,i have not done any other test since the last one.as i write this i'm bleeding,it flows like water from a tap,it's been 3days now.15th till date,i don't know what to do,i want to see a gyeano this weekend.what do u advice?i've been ttc since Jan.any advice is welcome.thanks! and Goodluck to us all.


Gla__schicky - March 18

If you are worried I would definately go see a gyno to clarify things for you. As for ttc, we found that Ginseng really helped, they have tiny little bottles that you can drink they're so good! Im positive it helped with getting us pregnant! Good luck let us know what happens:)


Teddyfinch - March 19

uh, i can't help you out here. you wouldn't be showing if you weren't that far along. it still sounds like af is coming, but for the purpose of you not getting upset about me not answering, i thought i'd post.



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