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Angel_M - February 23

Maybe I'm worried for no reason at all but I just had my period two weeks ago. It always starts off with heavy red bleeding, cramps. Two days ago, a day after my fiance and I had s_x, I noticed light brown blood only when I went to the bathroom. Like it was on the toilet paper. It's been like that for two days now like it's dried blood. That's what my period looks like when it's going away! This is very unusual for me. And now when I went to the bathroom it was light red. This shouldn't be my period at all and it doesn't feel like it. Am I just worried and it came early for me or is this something else?


Angel_M - February 23

I had another question to, If your taking diet pills and then find out your pregnant, could that harm the baby even if you stop taking them right away when you find out?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 23

If you had your period two weeks ago, how exactly did you find out you were pregnant already...You don't know until the day of your next cycle or maybe a few days before...at two weeks you would just barely be ovulating and couldn't detect a pregnancy


Angel_M - February 23

No I'm not pregnant. At least I'm pretty sure I'm not. My second question was just something I was curious about. I didn't mean me in that question.


Angel_M - February 23

This just isn't normal for me at all so I was wondering what else this could be if not my period coming early. My period never comes early. Forget about my second question :) Just what about my first one?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 27

For the first question then, I don't really know why, but it could be because you may have a UTI or a Yeast Infection...if not that it could just be because you and him are s_xually active and sometimes you may bleed before during or after. But I'm not quite sure.


heathernkennybrown361 - February 27

I've had the same problem before too.. but it was'nt anything it was just kind of like an irregular period, i wouldnt worry about it, i had asked my doctors nurse when it happened to me and she said it could have been for many reasons, if your period doesnt start on the right time, calculating from your real period, then take a preg test, cuz my doc's nurse said it could be a sign of pregnancy too..hope that helped u out.



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