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D. - November 18

Im sorry if this is a silly redundent question, just looking for others thoughts. My fiance' are planning to get married in a month. We are not really trying to get pregnant, but if it happend we'd be okay with it. I suddenly feel devious and decietful. I suddenly have had such an urge to have a baby. I know he dosen't really want it now, but would be happy if it happend. (he is such a wonderful supportive person.) A few days ago we made love and we use the withdrawl method. He came before I did and pulled out on my stomach. (please dont think im a bad person) but when he went in the bathroom to get a towel, I put as much of the semen inside me with my finger, and didn't really clean up down there. We made love again about 20 mintues later. This happend again the next night. I am regretting doing that, because I feel its so deceiving. I woudn't be unhappy if I got pregnant, but I want him to actively try with me. So I guess what I am asking is, if I put the sperm inside me, and then we made love again (maybe pushing it up in me farther?) and it was around the time I would guess I would be ovulating, is there a high risk of getting pregnant? or a risk at all? Thanks. By the way please dont lecture me about what I did, I feel bad as is..........


v - November 18

D....don't feel bad most women have that overwhelming desire for a baby!But trust me its much better and way less stressful when you both agree to start trying for a baby. And your chance are very very small about you getting pregnant with just putting his sperm in you,cause sperm survive only in warm moist enviroment they dies within seconds if they don't have that.But there is always a chance of getting pregnant,so take a test in a couple of weeks! and if you don't mind me saying tell your soon to be hubby whats going on....you don't want to start your marriage hiding stuff.Hope all goes well for you!!God Bless and Take care!


Christine - November 18

Quite honestly...I'm sure your soon to be husband knows that just using the pull out method is not a way of protecting yourselves from a pregnancy...prec_m comes before hand and throughout the intercourse usually...and you can very likely get pregnant off of it....I did with my second...good luck


d - November 18

I can't believe what I just read. I did the EXACT same thing. I am feeling the same way as you. I did that last Thursday when I was ovulating and I am just waiting to find out. I thought about it and I think if he was that worried about it, he would not be making love to me without a condom on. I guess I just want a baby so bad that I resorted to desperate measures. I am 23 and he is 26, I don't want to wait until we are in our 30's to have a baby. I want one NOW!!!!!! Good Luck!


D - November 18

well I guess that makes me feel better that I am not the only one. I am 26 already! I have a 4 year old now, and was hoping to have children closer together in ages. so if you did the exact same thing, so you think there is a chance that you may be pregnant?


d - November 18

I hope so, I have bought about 6 preg. tests already. I know it is too soon to tell but I am having symptoms ie: sore b___sts, missed period etc. How about you?


E - November 18

I did that with my fiancee when I was 28. I felt so guilty but was ovwewhelmed with love for him and the need to make mini versions of us. I used to pretend I was really thirsty and had to have water that instant, after he orgasmed. Then I would shove the s____n inside of me. Ughh!! I never got pregnant (thankfully) and always felt horrible and guilty although I was so excited at the end of my cycle, hoping I was prego. I am happy we got pregnant at a time when he was ready and we were actually married. It is much better this way but I understand why women do this.


D - November 18

Well I am not quite sure if I feel symptoms. I have b___st implants and my b___sts always feel a little tender. I have been slightly cramping. But I have always have that denial thing going on, had it with my first. I am still about 7-10 days away from period time. The other thing about this is, my fiance had a sperm test thing done a few years back when he was going to go into the military and they told him to becareful ha ha. They said his sperm count was incredibly high. They also said his regeneration rate was 12 hours when normally its 24 hours!!! His entire family is FERTILE. ha ha. I keep reading that if a man ejaculates either in you OR near the opening there is a chance. hmmm? The worst part of the whole thing, I told him he came way to close for comfort to my v____a, I guess in a way to prepare him just in case. He told me if I was pregnant he would be very happy and be here for me every step of the way.



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