What Did U Do In Early Labor

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Lindsay - November 7

my doc says its not necessary to go to the hospital in early labor and that i should find something to do...what did u ladies do? did u eat? go for a walk? when did u finally decide to get to the hospital?


me - November 7

Hi Lindsay, They say when you have contractions 5 minutes or less apart to go to the hopsital. I played games and did some last day things before I knew my whole world would be turned upside down. (No Sleep) Good luck to you.


Eryn - November 7

I went to the hospital when my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart. They were never consistatly 5 minutes. I walked alot and tried to play cards. I wouldn't recommend eating. I had some jello and about two hours later threw up. It's really common to get sick when your in labor.Good Luck


Kimberley - November 7

With my first labour......I knew I was in labour, but my contractions were all over the place, they started at about 8am in the morning. I drove over to my mothers, and we went xmas shopping...lol......I decided at about 3pm in the arvo to go home, and to start to time them properly. They were coming every 8-10 minutes, but weren't very strong, so I decided to stay home. My waters broke at about 7pm, then I rang the hospital, they told me to take a shower, and to head in. We arrived at the hospital at around 8.30pm, and I was coping OK. They asked me if I wanted anything for the pain....so I tried the gas, but it made me sick....I said I would cope without anything. At around 10pm, I was in tremendous pain, and begged for an epidural, so they started to organise it. They got the drip in my hand, but before I could get the actual epi, I had to start pushing...and my son was born at 11.37pm that evening. So it was 3 hours after I arrrived at hospital, which was great. My second labour was total oppisite. I had taken a fall the day before I had him....I went to the hospital, and they checked me out and said I and the baby was fine. I was 38 weeks pregnantt at the time. I awoke at 7am the next morning, after a fitful sleep, due to falling on my arm the night before.....and I started to get contractions.....they started very sudden, and were pretty strong. My hubby took me to my mums and from there I rang the hospital...they told me to rest and to time the contrations, and to ring them back in an hour, this was at 8am......I got off the phone, looked at my hubby, and said, take me to the hospital now....... On the way to the hospital, I felt the urge to bare down, but stopped myself, and the contrations, were coming fast and very strong. When I arrived the got my into labour and delivery, and the table,. and my waters broke...they went flying across the room, wetting nurses and doctors.......There was no time for pain meds, my son was born at 9.07 am.....30 minutes after arriving, and 2 hours after my labour started, My body went into shock, because of the speed of it. My last labour....I started contrations at around midnight, and because of my speedy labour last time, I rang the hospital and was told to come straight in....we got there at 1am, and I opted for an epidural straight away, I was only 3cm dialated........The epidural was heaven, and I was able to sleep and read throughout my labour...BUT the epidural slowed my labout down, and I felt no urge to push at all, they broke my waters at 5am......when they checked me at 6.45am, they told me my baby was sitting there and to push her out, which I did with out feeling any urges to push, she was born at 7.06am.....and she needed some oxygen, as the epi had made her a bit sleepy/lazy, everything was fine though. I am now 24 weeks pregnant again. I am going to opt for an epidural again, but not have so many top ups, I want to still be able to feel contractions and the urge to push. I will also be going off to hospital at the first signs of labour, incase this ones a fast one......but if it is your first, stay at home as long as you feel comfortable, take a shower, rest, read...as labour is very tiring. :)


Lindsay - November 7

thanks ladies...since this is my first i am so worried about every little thing and when my doc told me to have a snack and take a walk i was like "huh" i always thought i should rush right to the hospital but i guess not...kimberley u went xmas shopping lol thats so funny...i just never pictured being out and about in labor.



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