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Kay - June 7

I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I told my boyfriend yesterday about the news and he took it pretty well, he didn't freak out, and he was very comforting but after a long discussion it seems pretty apparent that he wants me to terminate the pregnancy. I dont think I want to do that...I want to respect his wishes but on the other hand I dont want to do something that I dont feel right about. How do I tell him that this isnt something that I want to do without making him feel like his opinion doesnt matter?


chel - June 7

I agree with you. Abortion is murder plain and simple. This is a baby not just tissue. Please see your ob right away so that you can have an ultrasound before you make any decision. As for the boyfriend, he needs to understand that this is your body. Hopefully you have friends and family who will support your decision.


Jessie - June 7

Adoption looks like your option.....tell him you refuse to abort but you will put the baby up for adoption.


Christina - June 7

Kay, try not to pay attention to people on here who are giving their opinion on abortion, that is NOT what you asked. I would simply sit your boyfriend down and nicely say that you don't want an abortion and would like to discuss other options. He can't make you get an abortion, but this is his baby too so it needs to be discussed openly.


Andrea - June 7

Remeber that this is your body. I agree that abortion is not an option. Adoption is a great option. My sister who is now 18 had a baby last September. She and her boyfriend chose an OPEN adoption. Before her daughter was born she chose a family that fit her. She and the adoptive family got to set the ground rules. She speaks with the family once a month by phone and gets pictures nearly every week. She is flying to Pennsylvania this month to see her daughter. There are so many options out there for you and a lot of people that can help. It is still very early and you need to sit down and think about what would be best for all of you....not just your boyfriend. Good luck!!!!



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