What Do I Tell Her

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Kristin - April 14

My best friend is due to give birth in 2 weeks. I am not due until September 10th. My friend smoked cigarettes throughout her entire pregnancy and up until, I believe she said her 6 month she smoked pot. I used to smoke cigarettes before i got pregnant, and then when i found out , i immediately quit, i wont even drink coke!! My friend went to the doctor yesterday and she is freaking out, i tried to go on the internet to answer her question but i get to many different responses. Question A- Since she did smoke marijuana for the first 6 months, will it still be in her blood or the babys when she gives birth? Question B- Will they take her baby from her? I told her that I really dont know and that she should ask her doctor but she doesnt want to fess up to that and get in trouble. What the heack do i tell her?


Heidi - April 14

If she smoked pot for the first six months, but not any after that, it won't be in her system anymore more than likely. It's not the smartest thing to do buy my sister, unfortantely, smoked pot up until her kids were both born and they were very healthy babies. She smoked at least once a day and smoked cigarettes every day. I'm not encouraging ANYONE to do this but she was lucky and the kids had no side effects and to this day are very healthy teenage boys who are smart as a whip! Tell her not to worry about it. No they won't take her baby because she smokes pot. I know women who do crank while pregnant and they won't take them kids away either! Tell her not to even worry about it but she should kick the habit now if she's still smoking dope. Nothing worse than being high with an infant around. Not good! If someone sees her doing this they could report her to social services and getting them on your case isn't worth it.


Kristin - April 14

I just wanted to smack her a few times when she told me this, but she is my friend and i want to help her, i just hope she sticks to staying clean till the baby is born so that the baby wont test positive if they test it.


E - April 14

The hospital would have to send the babies stool sample/blood for a drug test, which is not automatically done unless the baby shows signs of drug withdrawal. I do not think your friend has much to worry about as far as the hospital goes.


Kristin - April 14

Thanks E, i willcontinue to stear her in the right direction, i just dont understand why it is so hard for people to see their body as a very sacred temple for 9 months. Why put your kid at risk. I will never understand it.


Heidi - April 14

That's right. Unless they suspect something, they won't test and usually if they do it's for meth or cocaine. Pot won't be in her system anymore and if she was a light smoker, it's even less likely it'll show up and they won't test her for it either. If she's gone the last three months without it, she should just quit.


Heather - April 14

Kristin - If she is on state a__sistance then they can take a urine test from her and if she shows drugs in her system then child services will be called and yes they CAN take the baby! My foster sister was on state medical a__sistance with both of her kids and they take the test weather you like it or not. They told her flat out why they were doing it. She has NEVER done drugs so she was ok but They can/will take the baby if you test positive for drugs.


sarita - April 14

no law against smoking...just cant have it in your posession. shouldnt smoke ciggy's but tons of us do and baby's are fine...but its a gamble prolly not worth taking. its HARD to quit though. I had no trouble with my daughter...but I am having a hell of a time this go round.


lala - April 14

She should be careful, her baby will probably come out with a pot leaf tattoo on its arm!



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