What Do The First Kicks Feel Like

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Eryn - April 12

I'll be 18 weeks pregnant tomarrow with my first. I was wondering what do the first kicks feel like? I am hardly showing at all does that matter? Thanks


Pat - April 12

This is my first pregnancy and I'm 19 wks. The first kick until now feels tickle on your tummy. You'll feel wonderful and secure.


Hayley - April 13

it feels almost like a little electric shock in your tummy - but a nice one!


To Eryn - April 13

Everyone said b___terflies to me, but I'd never describe it like that. I thought it felt like a bit of wind. Like a little bubble of air pop inside. I actually thought I'd had wind until I realized it was the bub I could feel.


Michelle - April 13

I skipped the b___terfly stage, so I dont know what that feels like, but when he starts kicking, it fees like large gas bubbles bursting and sometimes like an eletric shock like Hayley said. Guess it depends on what they kick!


Leahp - April 13

I had my first kicks at 15 weeks, it was amazing, but I haven't felt much since then besides some tickling, I'm starting to get anxious, I want to feel it again so badly!! But it felt like pops, definitely not gas bubbles!!!


Donna - April 13

i wouldnt say it feels like b___terflys or little shocks, id say it feels more like a twitch, but the bigger kicks feel more better :D


Foxy - April 13

It's a difficult feeling to describe and not at all what I expected. It kind of feels like the baby is taking a shower and little jets of water are hitting my belly from the inside. :-) Sometimes it feels like it's churning around inside me too, but I've yet to feel anything that feels like a strong kick. It feels more like a millipede than a baby. I'm 19 weeks.


Jamie - April 13

For me, it was like being tickled on the inside of my skin - then around week 22, all of a sudden, there was no mistake about the kicks - it was visible on the outside! LOL


Jamie - April 13

I'll be 18 weeks with my first tomorrow too!!! That's funny! I think I felt the baby for the first time last night, but it can get confused with gas... I'm also showing a little bit, my jeans don't fit any more...


Eryn - April 13

Thanks everyone!


nicole - April 13

u know how ur stomach dropped whenever u saw ur crush in highschool, or u were on a rollercoaster? well thats what they feel like.


KellyB - April 13

I now can distiguish gas from baby movements but that is what it feels like! Bubbles in my stomach. And they have become predictable/regular times during the day. Some of my friends said flutters, but for me it was bubbles!


April - April 14

Mine actually did feel like b___terflies... litterally, or like she was rolling, kind of a tickling/fluttering sensation. It was so great :) now I can feel full-fledged kicks and I love it!


crystal - April 15

For me i fell too diff. things when the baby is just moving it feel the tickling, but when the baby kicks it feel like a jab, but it doesn't hurt it just feel like a quick jab.


Nic - April 16

I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first and its so hard sometimes coz you don't know when you should feel things or how often you should be feeling it - but the first time my baby kicked it felt like something imploded inside my stomach!!! It was bizarre and wonderful and now I am starting to look forward to these happening instead of jumping each time :)


Patty - April 21

I will be 18 weeks on Saturday and I am just now starting to show. I have not felt kicks yet, but I have felt the flutters. All depends on body types I am told.....it will happen for you.



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