What Do You Think Boy Or Girl

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Michela - November 5

Hi all!!! I am in my third trimester finally!! I am just about 30 weeks preg and still wondering what the gender of the baby is!! At my 20 week ultrasound the baby would not let us see, but my DH and I thought we saw what might be the "berries" of a boy when the technician tried to see from the butt angle, but she couldn't see the "twig" to confirm it and she said it also be labia of a girl as they can look similar, then at an ultrasound I had one week ago the tech said she could tell us what it was if we wanted to know, but we said no because we really want the surprise at the birth...but it is still fun to guess....so I just thought I would tell you all how I am carrying and you can tell me what you think...I like to hear opinions...so here goes: I am not very big for my stage of pregnancy, I am popped out front but right at my belly button area and you can't tell I'm preg if you stand behind me, I had morning sickness for about 5 months starting at 9 weeks preg, baby's heart beat has never been above 140 FYI (in case this helps with whether a female or male sperm was the culprit cause I know some swim faster): I got preg VERY quickly (I went off the pill April 8th, got my period April 11th and found out was preg May 13th) We pretty much had s_x everyday!!! Sorry if that's too much information!!! Sorry this is long but it would be fun to have some guesses on what you think it might be...I am just hoping for a healthy little one, but the DH of course would love to have a boy , although he would love a girl just as much, I think most men would like a son Thanks all and sorry for the rambling!!!!


heatherjene - November 6

Just for fun there is a website that predicts the gender based on an ancient chinese chart. Try searching that and see what comes up. They base it on the age you are and the month you got pregnant. Mine said girl-and thats kinda what i have been thinking anyway!! Best of luck to you in the rest of your pregnancy!


Tory1980 - November 6

I have had three boys so far, all carried differently and all with different symptoms so pa__s on signs! LOL! With this one (30w5d) I am carying differently again and it is a guess to which s_x. The heartbeat is still being debated but 140 and below has always signified a boy for me (none of my boys went about 145 unless I was in labour) and this baby has stayed consistently above 150. The Chinese Gender predictor thingy was correct with all of the boys (I did it a few weeks ago for a laugh) and predicts a girl with this one. I guess we will find out in a few weeks. My guess for you though is a boy!!


china03 - November 6

I also have three boys and with the last one I was totally feeling different and we thought it was a girl but no it was an another boy. Goos Luck we want a girl but my boys are under the age of 5 and I just turn 28 so we are going to wait for next year but every month I get very scare that what about if I am pregnant and with the chinese calander it did show the right gender s_x.


dionne - November 7

Well i think you are having a boy. But i have been wrong every other time with any one that i know. For myself i have 2 girls both time i didnt know what i was haveing, but i did buy all boy clothes, i dont really know why i had did that but other people said boy, boy, boy so i wish i just found out instead of wasting all the money on boy clothes.. Both pregnancey were very different first one i carried high, and the second one i carried low, so after all of that i went with boy-girl names. Dionne and Kris.


Bee99 - November 7

Michela..Im doing the same as u didnt find out but still guessing I have 4 girls already and no we did not go back for the boy All my girls heart beats were around 145 150 this one was 134BPM but I do think I can c 3 line (for Girl) Im due 24thFeb. But if you had s_x leading up 2 ovulation and concieved then ..They say girl. Its the sperm that determins the s_x ..(As you know) but the position of the egg can help..so IV heard. Still lots of fun Iv been checking out sites that show gender ultrasounds at different weeks as well as doing a questionare.


Michela - November 8

Thanks for all your opinions everyone!! Bee99...I have been doing all the gender questionaires and surveys too!! From the get go I had a huge feeling that we were having a girl (and still do) and I read a study somewhere that said when mother's to be "had a feeling" as to what the gender of their baby was going to be they were right 82% of the time!!! I am just so excited to find out what it is and I am glad that I have waited to find out because it will be like an extra little incentive to get through labor!! My husband calls the baby "him" and I still call it an it!! I just want to have a healthy baby!!! p.s. Our girl name is Annika Kimberly and the boy will be Brodie Charles Keep the opinions coming...I like to read them!!


Bee99 - November 8

Yea...I found out with 2 3 and 4...I thoought about finding out but Im glad I didnt u r right its gonna help with labour not knowing,.... and Yea wen u c some of the problems llittle babes face u r just happy 4 healthy. I dont have the insticts of knowing I call babe she (but thats force of habbit) We have Luke and elisha..already have Rochelle Jade, Chantal Amber, Kasey Rose and Erin Sky.



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