What Do You Think About The Bedding Sets

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L - May 20

I just bought an adorable bedding set for my little girls nursery and now have had people telling me that the bumper should be taken out by four months and that most of it is useless, I also wanted to do a canopy and have heard that it's a hazard for strangling and suffocation, is some of this a little too restricted???


Jennifer - May 20

I have heard the opposite, at prenatal cla__s they say not to put the bumpers in at first, because they block new air from getting into the crib, meaning that the baby will be breathing the same air over and over again, and may cause SIDS. I bought a crib set with the bumper pads, and plan to put them on when the baby is a few months old and able to move around on his/her own.


Jamie - May 20

I have 2 adorable bedding sets (which do not match each other AT ALL) for my 1 little girl..but, quite honestly, for the first few months, mainly until she's sleeping through the night, she'll be sleeping with me...I'd say, ask a doctor at the hospital once you've had your little angel; they're gonna know better than anyone.


Maleficent - May 20

i hear something different about crib sets every day, ask your pediatrician what they reccomend. personally crib sets are on my list of things that are compleatly useless. baby doesn't care and my kids have all had allergies. those bumpers and ruffles are dust magnets so out they went.


Katharine - May 20

Jennifer-I have never heard that. When we first had our baby in the crib, the mattress was about a foot from the top of the crib (at the top setting), it seemed like plenty of air would get in. That is interesting, though. L-we had the baby in a ba__sinet in our room for three months, so the bumper was really nothing but pretty. With my first pregnancy, I HAD to have it, though. This time, we'll put it in until she is close to pulling up, then take it out.



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