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Jaydee - December 4

My partner and i have been having unprotected s_x alot lately. We are trying to get pregnant. In the month on november...(2004) my partner had c_mmed in me 6 times...not counting the pre-c_m or the other times we havent marked on the calendar cause we couldnt remember. This month he has c_mmed in me once...last night on dec. 3. What do you think my chances are of being pregnant? I think they are pretty good...but this is just my new little thing going on of where lately i want to know from everyone else what they think...and not my self. Also lately i have been feeling sick every day to where i feel where i want to puke.I also feel tired all the time...and i dont want to do much anymore but sit. I know i have gained more weight...and have tooken a REALLY big interest into food lately...to where i am at the point of where i absolutely LOVE food. And there are lots of more signs and all. My last period was november 2 if i remember right and i have not had my period at all yet. Is it to early to be having pregnancy signs right now or no? cause i did all the figuring alittle bit ago and at the most id be 4 weeks pg right now. please help me someone,and tell me what you think please. thanks alot! : )


redeem - December 5

if he's done it that much spaced out many times, you might be getting some very good news. keep us updated.


jaydee - December 5

redeem- Thank you for helping me. Its weird cause i just got of the phone with him and he told me he had another dream of me being pg. Every morning he calls me and he has a dream of it and so do I. Im starting to wonder if this means anything!!?? Which leads up to 2 of my other questions...does this mean anything...and when should i take a hpt? We are new at this and need all the help we can get! thanks everyone and i will keep you all updated!!!


jaydee - December 5

Can anyone else give me an input please?


Amy - December 6

Hi Jaydee, It all sounds very familier to me!!! I'm now 21.3 weeks pregnant with my first, but I still remember when I was 4-6 weeks! I absolutly recommend (when you are ready to take one) A 'DIGITAL' pregnancy test! They are 99% accurate and told me what straight away, what other tests couldn't! I took my test as early as 2 days of missed period! But don't drink too much water before hand or you might dilute the hormones! Oh, I hope you get the news you are after. My boyfriend and I weren't trying, and were having s_x ALOT! :) I think you have a very good chance. I started getting morning sickness in my 6th week of pregnancy, but it varies for diffrent people. As for the food! I remind myself of my cat, all I do is eat and sleep (and work of course), luckily I haven't gained alot of weight. Even if your not pregnant this time, keep going at it like your doing and you'll be expecting in no time! if you have any more questions, I'd be more then happy to answer them! all the best Jaydee! x


Rey - December 6

Trust your instincts! The biggest sign for me was the swollen b___sts, and they hurt just a bit. But all the other signs you have described are also signs of Pregnancy. I also agree with Amy – try the digital test; it was the best thing I invested in. My doctor used the regular tests and he had to do 2 because the lines were too faint. Anyway chances are you are pregnant and after getting a positive sign you should make an appointment with your doctor. It helps if you have a list of questions written down to ask your doc at the appointment (I always forget a few if I don't write them down). keep us posted and good luck!



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