What Do You Think Of The Name Rebel

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Stuck on names.... - October 10

Hi. What do you guys think of the name Rebel? For a little boy, of course! Love, hate it ??


Lisa - October 10

I have pictures of James Dean in my mind when I hear than name. It's different, not my choice for a boy but if you like it that's all that matters.


Shel - October 10

He might get teased as a child. Different but kinda cool. If you and your hubby like it and have decided on that, I hope you have a healthy and happy boy named Rebel :)


jen - October 10

I am not a fan of that name. The problem is that it sends out a definite image. It really depends on the type of little boy you have, if he is very confident & outgoing he could pull it off. But if he is a shy introspective type it wouldn't work.


jb - October 10

I think its cute. Different but not weird.


Steph - October 10

If you ever saw Sin City, the director, Robert Rodriguez has four little boys named Racer, Rebel, Rocket, (and of course, I can't remember the last kids name), but I think it's pretty cool. Just remember, it's gonna be hard to tell him as a teenager what to do!!! :o) j/k!!!


Lauren - October 10

Honestly, I hate it. I think it could make his life really difficult. He would get made fun of in school.


ally - October 10

not my pick but each to their own


Rachel. R - October 11

Rebel ??? Sorry.. but I hate it.. it sounds like a sport store, or a butch kid with a dog collar.. sorry i have a VERY vivid imagination at the moment. But yeah. I wouldnt go with it.


Janice - October 11

Im sorry to say but I absolutly HATE that name for a child! It sounds like a joke...but a bad one. sorry for being so honest but I felt I had to.


Corina - October 11

i love the name Rebel, im 25 weeks pregnant and am having a boy and thought about that name but im just not brave enough to do it!


Jamie - October 11

I'd say, heck no. Do you really want to be that cruel to your child? Some advice when picking a name...imagine what it would have been like growing up if that were your name.


not a fan - October 11

Not a fan...


scots la__s - October 11

no, i dont like that name. Here in Scotland the kid would be teased badly, but hey! it's your choice.


j - October 11

Not a fan


Amy from MN - October 11

I think the name Rebel is kinda cute! What would his middle name be? I like names like that. If I have a Boy I was thinking of Jasper James....But I do like Rebel too! Go for it, if you like it then thats all that matters right!?!


LJ - October 11

sorry hate it.



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