What Do You Think Of These Names

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morgan - April 16

hey I decided on a couple diff baby names I need some input cuz i love them all! My baby will be half african american so some of the names come from her daddys side. Girl: ( #1) Jay Monique Johnson ( #2 ) Jordan Andrea Johnson (#3) Andrea Monique Johnson----- Boys (#1) Samuel Marcel Johnson ( jr ) thats the dads name (#2) Andres Lee Johnson (#3) Marques Lee Johnson... I also like Jay for a boy..what do you think of those names? which are best... any others to add? thnx so much


hmmm - April 16

Andrea is nice, and Andres is nice. Not sure about the Marques or Monique. Marcel is cool. About Jay.... in high school there was a boy named Jay and people teased him about being gay. Like gay Jay or Jay is gay. Yeah, stupid but that's how kids are.


Foxy - April 16

I think Monique is lovely. I also like Jay for a boy. If kids want to be cruel they'll always find something nasty to call you even if your name doesn't rhyme with anything. One of the nicest and coolest men I know is called Jay and he got by just fine.


morgan - April 16

by the way Andrea is pronouced like On Dre AA not An Dree A


2 Morgan - April 16

I like Jordan Monique to be honest. And for the boy the Samuel Marcel is nice or switch it up to Andres Marcel. Those are cool names ;o)


BizzyNusty - April 17

I'm not sure if the first names are for a boy or a girl. I have never heard of a boy named Monique. Honestly I think that could get him beat up at school. Also I think Marcel is a girl's name so I don't think it goes with Samuel. These names are not what I would pick put I think that would work well if the kid decides to bat for the other team later in life.


Ahem! to BizzyNusty - April 17

She said Monique is for a girl. See? Is Marcel a girl's name? It sounds like a boy's to me to me. I'm sure it's a boy's name actually. I thought the female version of Marcel was Marcella.


mya - April 17

(#3) Marques Lee Johnson. (#4)Summer Monique Johnson


to morgan - April 17

I like the names you chose, but be careful w/ Andrea.. if you have to clarify the pronunciation now, imagine how many times in life your child will have to do that. Don't put them through that.. from experience, it get's pretty old! Best of luck!


Moocher - April 17

I love Andrea Monique. Samuel's nice, especially when it's shortened to Sam.


morgan - April 18

hey you guys thnx for the input! so you dont like Jay for a girl? what other names sound good. I like differnt names....thnx!



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