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Joelle - July 14

Hey I am 16 weeks pregnant and im finding out what im having the name i have for a boy is Riley and the name i might name it if its a girl is Nevaeh its heaven spelt backwards i thought it was really pretty and you never hear it where i live anyone esle like this name???


Olivene - July 15

From what I've seen on here, it is fairly popular. If you want a heaven inspired name, why not think about Faith, Angelica, Evangeline, Angelia, or one of the many bible or scriptural inspired names. I think you might be surprised how many Neveahs will be running around in a few years.


princess-lu - July 15

I also hear that name lots, love the name Riley. Not a huge fan of Neveah. Goodluck.


AshleyB - July 15

HI, I agree with the other ladies. I like Riley. Not a big fan of Neveah, and I've heard tons of ladies talk of that name. Its new, but it's going to be very popular at your pediatricians office i bet. Good luck and congrats.


sa__sifras - July 15

I actually like Riley for a girl, and again, not a fan of Nevaeh. I know quite a few of them already, its a pretty trendy name.


Joelle - July 15

Yeah i like it and im not no bible person or anything lmao i just like that name and liked the fact it was heaven spelt backwards i also love Bella,Shayla and shyla


sonotec75 - July 15

I like the name Nevaeh. I have a cousin that named here baby that. I hadn't heard of it till then but it is beautiful.


mandee25 - July 15

I do not know any Nevaeh's and I am kinda curious how its pronounced? Nev-aa-ah?


Bailey2786 - July 24

I love the name riley its my cousins name... I think that it is uniuqe!


Rhonda - July 24

Why not just name her Heavenly?That is beautiful.


Confused1 - July 24

Naveah is a beautiful name. Believe it or not, my friend just had a baby 4 days ago, and named her Naveah Rose. I think it's such a nice name for a girl. And if you're having a boy, Riley is just the cutest!


Bellagrace - July 25

Love the name Nevaeh, I'm from Australia and I hav actually never heard of it before. Riley is also very cute for both a boy and a girl. Good luck and happy name hunting :)


spammy4145 - July 25

This is quite interesting actually. If you type the name you are wanting it tells you how popular that name has been over the years. Give it a try. if any - appear, just deleat them http://www.babynamewizard.com/namevoyager/lnv0105.html


bbm - July 25

It's pretty and the idea is unique but it sounds like Nivea, the cold cream.


afwife - July 25

i've never heard Nevaeh.....i personally think it's pretty!!! i'm pg with a little boy, but we had a girl name picked out from day 1(and of course it's not a girl..LOL) but it was Shaelyn. i still want to have a girl one day just to use that name because i love it so much....i might as well pa__s it on to others. Bella is really pretty, too!!


flmommy - July 26

Love the name Riley. I am due in October and whether boy or girl it will be Riley. I have a 6 year old Rebecca who is set on the name. Congrats and good luck.



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