What Does A Two Day Period Mean

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sxychick420 - January 2

I took another test on the 29th of December and it said negative... If I don't start this month of January 2017 then I'll take another test or blood test...... do you think I should ??


Grandpa Viv - January 2

A negative test when two weeks late is most likely accurate. I don't think a blood test would tell any different. It makes sense to wait until your January period is due to see if that changes the story. If signs persist you will need to see a doc to discover what else might be ailing you.


Karilove - January 11

Hi I'm new to this forum well my period cycle is usually 25-27 . My last period ended on dec 21 and the next day I had unprotected sex dec 22. Jan I started getting backaches and on jan 2 I had light cramping. My period was suppose to start on jan 12 but instead it started Monday morning of jan 9th very very light (not normal) with some heavy cramping at night and on jan 10th my period was also very light (usually my second day my flow is heavier  ) this morning i only had a little bit of blood on my tampon I changed it and the morning and at lunch time the tampon was not even half way full (I had the tampon on since 7am) At around 5 I took it out and the tampon was pretty much dry since then I've had no bleeding not even when I wipe. My period pretty much only lasted about 21/2 days. Is this normal or should I wait and test to see if I am pg. 


Karilove - January 12

Am I just being paranoid?? Help 


brandi84 - January 17

Hello I am 32 and had my tubes tied for almost 3 yeasrs. For the past few months period has been light and only last about a day and a half. I am completely stunned and am unsure what is going on with my body at this point in time. I do have children, can anyone Help.....


bananabutterfly - February 18

I am 26 years old and I have been ttc for 6 months and I thought this was it. I was having all these symptoms: heightened smell, metallic taste, food adversions, breast heavyness, fatigue, and nausea. At 9 dpo I felt flutters and my lower abdomen was twitching and gurgling. I definitely saw it spasming. I've heard this is a sign? My period is always on time at 27 days. Yesterday, Feb 17, marked 7 days of missed period and still negative test results. I was struggling to go #2 yesterday and afterwards noticed brown on the tp from my front area. Then later it turned to pink and now red. There were no cramps only slight pressure, if anything, which could have been from being constipated and bloated. 
I am wondering if anyone experienced this and if there is any chance it is "breakthrough bleeding" and turned out to be pregnant, or just a late period? 
My period is usually pretty heavy, but this bleeding has only filled two pads since yesterday and is getting lighter by now, but still flowing mostly when I pee, pretty much done it seems.
*It may be significant to note that 3 or 4 weeks ago I switched prenatal vitamins brands, from Fertilica to Garden of Life raw prenatal. because if it isn't pregnancy, I am trying to find reasons for the late period. I was not stressed at all when my period was meant to start, I was happy because thought I conceived.*

Anyone been through this or something like it and turned out pregnant? Thank you for your time!


Teenike - March 4

Today was supposed to be the last day of my period. My period normally last 5 days but it only last 2 days. The first 2 days was a heavy flow then the 3rd day I started to have brown spotting and the 4th and 5th day it was little to none brown spotting/clear mucus and I also started to cramp on the 4th day and I still am cramping. I have also experience nausea, dizziness, tiredness and slightly tender breasts(the entire breast). I'm confused on wheather I should take a pregnancy test because my first 2 day of my period were heavy and I was always told that implant bleeding was always light to begin with but after reading these comments Idk what to do.


Grandpa Viv - March 5

Teenike, you have enough early pregnancy signs that you should run a test regardless of your bleed, which may have been an in-pregnancy bleed rather than implantation. Did you have sexual exposure in the Feb 10th to 16th window? If your signs continue and you experience multiple negative test you will have to check with a doctor to figure out what else might be going on.


Kamille1187 - March 29

Hi, I am looking for some advice, I have also read all of your posts. So my husband and I have been trying to conceive using ovulation days and on march 8,2017 - march 12 I was suppose to be ovulating so we took such action as to fall pregnant. I was suppose to have my period on march 17th but I was five or 6 days late. Then on the 21st I had bleeding heavy but for only two days it ended the 23rd. As of today it would be three weeks since I think I may have conceived. I am having all pregnancy symptoms such as sore breast, exhaustion, headaches and nausea. I took a test and it was negative. Could I still be pregnant even though I had that two day period which is odd for me, mine usually last 5-6 days. Thank you:) any advice would be appreciated!!


Alexis9294 - April 8

Hi there,

My situation is bit different than most that have posted here. I am 22 years old and my husband and I are not TTC but we are also not using protection (just the withdrawal method). My periods have always been regular and come at the same time every month, like clockwork. My last "normal" period started on February 8th, therefore, my next period was due to start on March 8th (give or take about 2 days which is normal). Every month, about 4 days before my period starts I begin getting mild cramping which lets me know that it is coming and on the first day of my period I usually have mild-heavy cramping. This time I had no cramping whatsoever and instead had a lot of whiteish milky discharge (so much that multiple times a day I thought AF was coming only to find it was just discharge). After being a week late (in March) and no signs of my period, I took an hpt and got a negative result. Aside from the discharge, I had some mild nausea, fatigue, and extreme moodiness. After the second week of being late, I took another test and got another negative result. My symptoms continued and I had no sign of AF yet no other pregnancy symptoms (sore breasts, vomiting, etc.). Maybe 4 days after the negative result, I took another test with the same result. I then scheduled an appointment with the gyn, however, on April 1st (more than 3 weeks after my period was due) I started bleeding. I cancelled my appointment thinking that maybe my cycle was just out of whack this month. The bleeding appeared to be a normal flow and I had mild cramping. But then the following evening I noticed that the flow was very light (my flow always starts out heavy and stays heavy for at least 4 days). The second day was so light that it only appeared when I wiped and there was nothing in the pad. In the end, I had normal-light bleeding for just 1 and a half-2 days and then light brown discharge on the 3rd day. This is completely abnormal for me as my periods ALWAYS last 5-6 days. I have never experienced anything like this. I haven't taken another test yet but I plan on scheduling another appointment in the next week. Before doing that I just wanted to ask for some advice and/or opinions on what anyone thinks could be going on with me? It's just so strange and confusing! By the way, my husband is completely convinced that I am pregnant. The only symptoms I have are fatigue, moodiness, and mild nausea (I'm very good at holding back vomit so I've been able to avoid it), headaches, and on and off lower back pain. I also have major bloating/heaviness in my lower abdomen, so much so that my husband and in-laws have noticed and have asked if I am pregnant (without knowing my situation). 


LoisHubble - April 10

Hello Everyone

My last period that I had was April 1, I was supposed to start on March 30, I guess you could say I was two days late. My periods are around 4-5 days long. This last period was 2 days and really light followed by 3 days of just spotting. I have not had a period like this one, it was so light. usually I have a medium flow for like two day and light two days. I have taken like 4 HPT all of them are negative. I am just curious if I am pregnant, I feel like I am. Has any one had implantation bleeding a few days after there period was due? Also am I taking a pregnancy testing way to soon? An kind of answers or help would be great.


Bexs86 - April 17

I had 2 days period did test see faint line just hope it is gd news as been trying and lose before 


Chrystee - April 18

Alex88, what were your symptoms? I normally have a 7 day period. This last one started with spotting, then 2 days heavy bleeding and a big blood clot. Then light brown spotting the next day. I had a blood test the day before spotting and it was negative. I am not bleeding or spotting and still very tired, lightheaded, dizzy, and on and of nauseous. My boobs don't hurt but they tingle? Any help would be great 


Sandyphun36 - April 22

 I have a question I've been spotting for two days then I start having my period heavy for two days and it stop what that mean can someone answer me please


Nicole123 - April 24

My cycle has been very off but I was about 5 days late. I had a blood req for a beta HCG which came back negative and then the next day I got my period so I said ok it's here but then it wasn't very heavy at all and come the second day it was over which usually my periods last 5 days. Does anyone have experience with a blood test being wrong? I've been exhausted lately and really felt like I was pregnant until obviously the negative result and then my period came but it was so quick that it just makes me wonder .. 


AshleyH92 - May 3

I thought i might be pregnant..i haven't taken a test yet but i got my period super early and it literally has only lasted like two days. it wasn't even really heavy and it only bled when i wiped.



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