What Does A Two Day Period Mean

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hopeful23 - January 7

I guess it felt odd to be so specific! lol I have had vomiting sore b___sts and horrid back aches tired and all that fun stuff! However I tested on the 4th when I started spotting because I was scared after having already had problems and it said no when should I test again?


Sweetie84 - January 7

So depressed. Last month my period came 2 days early on the 9th instead of 11th, now it has come early again on the 7th, it always was regular BOO.. Then I puked my brains out after and have diarrhea. I guess I was just sick. But I do not what all the strange sensations in the stomach or the back pain was. Oh well. I really wanted to be pregnant so I am down. The thing is me and my honey are thousands of miles apart so its hard to plan or try to get pregnant. But I will be seeing him this coming weekend but still probably won't be in my ovulating stage then :(


Grandpa Viv - January 8

The early pregnancy signs are caused by a different hormone than the hCG the tests look for. hCG starts rising later. Some pregnancies do not give a positive until a week or two after your "missed" period. GL!


nikkidlr - January 18

I did turn out to be 8 weeks pregnant, which I found out on a regular visit to my obgyn. :)


alex88 - January 18

nikkidlr: congratulations i wish you all the best, to all the other hopefuls out there, if in doubt see your doctor, sometimes they have a better chance of telling you if your pregnant or not. My best friend just found out she was pregant at 4months after she went to the doc complaining of abdominal pain, no sysmptoms before that other than extreme exhaustion. so good luck to you all=) i will be finding out in a week or two if mine is a girl or boy, ,very excited now!=)


lil bit - June 1

Umm I have a question if I got my period last mouth and it only lasted 3 days and this mouth I'm 6 days late going on 7 tomorrow cuz I be preanget?????? Plz somebody help me!!!


lil bit - June 1

Oh Yeh and last mouth I got sick one time I was having a shot with my mom and dad and right after not even 5 minutes I was in tha bathroom getting sick that never happend when I drink


Grandpa Viv - June 2

Lil_bit, you make it sound like you could be nine weeks pregnant, but with very few early signs. How about tired, lightheaded moments, b___st and nip signs, appet_te, smells, peeing, veins, cramps etc? You might better test - any time of day should do. GL!


hopeful23 - June 6

Well I did end up to be pregnant! However I found out at 18 wks that the baby has BRA (Potters Syndrome) I am now 22 wks and refuse to terminate I have many questions but no answers. One huge question right now is will I get to feel my baby kick ever if it has no fluid? I want to have at least that much.. ?


chels9 - June 11

my period only lasted for 2 days then stopped completely, my period isnt due for another 2 weeks what does this mean? answers please!


DMVFran - June 19

Hello everyone. I have been reading all the post and I still need some advice.. My story is the opposite of what I have seen on here. My period came a day early but that wasn't abnormal for me. The abnormal part was that it only lasted a day and a half. I woke up Saturday AM and it was there, not heavy as it usually is and then by Sunday afternoon it was completely gone. I'm 27 years old and this would be my 2nd pregnancy. My first child I went into preterm labor and lost her later that night. I have since then found out that I am a high risk for pPROM which is preterm premature rupture of membranes. So of course I'm a little nervous. I have never had a period that lasted like this and lately I have been doc_menting my monthly cycles and doing the ovulation stuff. And I made sure I had intercourse before my HCG levels went up, right when it was at a normal level then when it was above.. Almost constantly. For over a month I have been having completely different symptoms, I mean like extremely sore b___sts which grew a cup size bigger over the past month. I have just been having all normal menstrual symptoms but they have all been to the extreme in the past month. But two other differences is I have been lightheaded and feeling a little nauseous.. Just like my other pregnancy. So idk if im confusing this with just menstrual stuff.. I just do not know what to think. Can anyone give me any advice? I would like to take a HPT.. But I just do not want to get the NEGATIVE outcome. Since I lost my daughter on 2002 I haven't tried since then. Me and my fiance tried for the first time in 5 years and I'm just nervous. And I'm really trying to be a mom..


Grandpa Viv - June 20

Sounds like you might be 8 weeks pregnant. Take a test and let us know how it goes. GL!


DMVFran - June 20

Grandpa Viv, I am still having spots. Like literally spots. Should I wait until the end of the week to see if a regular flow starts? I am only seeing spots when I wipe and it is light brown.. Does this just mean my cycle is getting ready to start? I am still having cramps, like sharp cramps on one side and sharp pains in my b___bs. These cramps are a little different than when my menstraul is here. I have also noticed this morning that as soon as I squeezed on my nipple clear fluid came out. Usually it takes some stimulation for me to get some fluid out. This time is was immediately. IDK I am driving myself crazy. I am just trying to doc_ment all of the symptoms. Maybe I have been reading too much on this.. Most women turned out to be preggos with the same symptoms I am explaining.


Grandpa Viv - June 20

You said your signs started a month ago, probably around the time of your last period. My thinking is that the last period was an in-pregnancy bleed and was perhaps lighter and shorter than usual. If this is the case a home test any time now should tell true.


DMVFran - June 20

I just took a clear blue HPT that came out negative.. I know this does not necessarily mean I am not pregnant because we can get false negatives. My sister did. And the last time I was pregnant I didn't get an accurate HPT reading until I was 11 weeks. So should I just wait a couple of more weeks for my DR appt? Still no sign of a normal flow and the spotting has completely stopped.. I'm just a little lost.. The symptoms are still here too.


DMVFran - June 20

On the test in the control window it was a clear blue line and in the test results box it was a faint blue line horizontally and a even fainter vertical line.. I can see it a little.. Idk.. Any advice..??



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