What Does A Two Day Period Mean

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AshleyH92 - May 3

I thought i might be pregnant..i haven't taken a test yet but i got my period super early and it literally has only lasted like two days. it wasn't even really heavy and it only bled when i wiped.


pnepivoda - May 7

My husband and I have been trying for a baby three months now, I'm 21, he's 20. I started getting pregnancy symptoms on Thursday April 27th and was supposed to start my period Sun the 30th. I was having nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue and extreme bloating, and moodiness, but I was very scared it was me talking myself into having symptoms. I know my body and I know I felt different, I just knew I was pregnant. Sunday, on my expected period date, I took an test and negative. Monday, I took another test and it was negative, and I also did a blood test and it was lower than 1, so it's considered negative. Well, my expected period week came and went missed (this past week), my periods are always very regular, never missed a whole period. During that week, I still had all pregnancy symptoms. Tuesday, I had cereal for breakfast and got extremely nauseous (maybe food adversion to milk?) I had a shake later that day that had whip cream(more milk) on it and got extremely nauseous again. Thursdsy, I started getting some brown and very obvious light pink discharge, I thought maybe I was spotting, so Friday, I took a test at 5am, and I would have sworn there was a very faint positive line. That day at work I started cramping and I knew I was about to start my period, and I did. It was very heavy with a lot of cramping the first few hours of it. I just checked this morning and the period had already stopped, only two days long, that has never happened either. I am still very bloated and have fatigue and nausea. I'm not really sure where to go from here! 


Kaylabear - May 12

I had my period and it only lasted two days it started off light than got bright red and I am having stomach pain and constant headaches?. Could I possibly be pregnant I'm 20 years old and if I am this would be my first


Kaylabear - May 12

I took a bleach test and it was positive. Does this bleach test actually work?


Grandpa Viv - May 12

Kayla, I don't think you can trust a bleach test. You are not listing typical early pregnancy signs, but if you had sexual exposure a couple of weeks before the expected period, a real test would be good. 


Nana2014 - May 20

This Has Been Happening For 2 Months Now But Mine Only 3 Days I'm Really Confused About It. Should I Go See My Doctor About This ??


Danniela - June 1

I had two days light bleeding on my last period, tested for pregnancy at home after a week and it was negative and then did a blood test a week after and it was still negative. My period started timely on Monday with a brownish discharge and then started flowing heavily. It did so for two days and the the third day was very light. I haven't had sex since some weeks before the first light period. Could I be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - June 1

Daniela, there's not much arguing with a negative blood test a week or two late. You don't have any early signs to talk about. There has to be some other reason for weird periods. 


Addy22 - June 26

I have a question for the past few weeks I've been extremely tired, back pain, headaches, and cramping. I tested twice and got negative reading. My period came two days early and heavy for 2 days now it's almost gone. I usually have a normal period. What could this be?


Grandpa Viv - June 26

Addy, if your tests were before your period was expected they may have been too early. Early signs start at implantation a week before the expected period, but the pregnancy hormone does not kick in until a little later. 


Menmen - July 13

Hello, I'm a 26yo married woman for 2 years now. Been trying eversince but no luck. This cycle I had my period 2 days late and it was watery bright red that only lasted two days (barely) i had no cramps whatsoever. It's like I could barely know that I was on my period. I had VERY sore breasts 2 weeks before the so called period, nausea, bloating and extreme cravings. I never pay attention to signs but also whenever my husband touches me he says I have fever (for 2 weeks) he thought I was sick but I don't feel sick. Had HPT done on 2nd day of period and it was negative. So, i'm worried why I had a 2 day period and very watery. Anyone experienced this? 


Grandpa Viv - July 13

Two weeks before is when you ovulate, and weird signs at that time suggest an ovarian cyst. After one year with no success they recommend a visit with a fertility doctor. Maybe you have PCOS


Menmen - July 13

Thank you for your response! I went to Gygy, told me nothing is wrong + no PCOS. First time I experience this .. Though he said something about ' ovaires multifolliculaires' and he precised, no pcos ... I'm going for a Hysterography next Tuesday


Supercali85 - July 26

Hi. *apologies for very long post*


Im 32 years old and TTC baby #4. Been trying about 4 months now. Since we have been trying my cycles seem to be diff than they were before we were TTC (as in not as predictable). Last 8 cycles have gone; 33d, 28d, 26d, 29d, 30d, 29d, 22d & 26d.

Last cycle before this one was a really odd one for me (22d), having never have my period a week early before and it just felt and looked a lot different to my reg periods (definitely had a flow though of around 3 days, ranging from med to light but would usually be 4-5 with 2-3 days being hev-med).Just finished what was a 26 day cycle, again early by roughly 2-3 days if i go off an average cycle of 28-29 days. But this time it started 12DPO with light pink spotting (day 1), then a medium flow (day 2) then a light flow (day 3) and today is hardly any-none brown spotting. Meaning ive only actually had a full 2 day official "flow". Been temping and cervix position checking and cervix has felt high for about a week now and temp hasnt once dropped below my coverline (before ovulation temp).

Ive taken a pregnancy test and it was negative. Also had a few symptoms like cramps, nausea, headaches, backache and fatigue. But i am aware that these can be symptoms of PMS also. I had very sore nipples and breasts too but about a week ago they have now gone back to normal.


Im so confused as all 3 other times when getting pregnant it happened for us first try! I had however been on the microgynon30 pill previous to falling pregnant then, whereas this time i havent, so wondering if this has played a huge roll? Am after some advice as i am really confused and getting very disheartened by all the BFNs :(


Sorry again for the HUGE post! A lot to explain! X


Shiz2017 - August 4

Ok Ladies I need your advice...


LMP 02/07/2018

BD every day from the 13th to the 18th.

Had a lot of Pg symptoms, almost certain we would get our BFP for our Rainbow baby and then 01/08 I began spotting 2 days before AF was due.

1st day not even enough to fill pad. 2nd day little heavier flow, 3rd day gone...

My normal cycle is heavy and its 4 days. Its been regular since Nov 2016 (with my last MC) I've had MC at 10 weeks Oct 2013, Ectopic June 2016 (lost tube) and then MC at 7 weeks Oct 2016. Also surgery for cysts August 2015.

Although it was shorter this month I had menstrual cramps, even today after bleeding has stopped.

So should I take another test, can it be another possible ectopic, or maybe cysts? Has any one ever experienced this?


Ninjaynnear - August 7

Maybe there is hormonal imbalance but much better if you will be tested to confirm. 



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