What Does A Two Day Period Mean

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Ninjaynnear - August 7

Maybe there is hormonal imbalance but much better if you will be tested to confirm. 


Kgbutterflykisses - August 17

So my last period was exactly the same only I was one day late, which was July 14 and lasted about 1.5 days which I'm usually 6 day period. I just found out on Sunday I'm pregnant and I think I'm two months along. Wait 1 week and take a hpt. I wish I would have then I wouldn't be sitting here wondering if I'm 1 or two months pregnant. My Dr. Won't bring me in until Sept 8 because they go off the last time u bleed no matter what. I think I'll be 12 weeks then and it's very frustrating


Smiley123 - August 17

Thank you for replying and congratulations! If I am pregnant then I would of conceived on the 25th and only be 3 weeks long if I'm correct? I never realised trying to conceive could be so confusing! Today is my first day without a bleed (the last 2 days of bleeding have been NOTHING like my usual period) do you think testing tomorrow morning would Be too early to get a positive? TIA


Smiley123 - August 17

I also forgot to mention that 2 days before my "period" I had brown discharge  that lasted 2 days which I've not had before, it's just so confusing and I really hope I'm pregnant 


Kgbutterflykisses - August 17

Don't get ur hopes up! Go a few more days in the mindset that it was just an off period. Have u taken an hpt yet? U must let your hcg levels rise. Don't drive urself mad lol. Dating goes from ur first day of ur last period. So if ur last period was on the 10th of July u would be 5 weeks roughly


Smiley123 - August 17

Yeah I did a pregnancy test in my second day of being late (so the 13th) but that was negative then I had what I think is a period after 4 days of being late (so period came on the the 15th August) which lasted 2 days and then today I tested again at lunch time and it was negative again, but if I do it from my last period in July then that would make me around 5 weeks now so I'm guessing that would show up on aHPT by now so looks like I missed it this month :( so fingers crossed for September instead. Thanks for replying :)


Shiz2017 - August 18

Thank you for the reply, around the 10th of August CD 10 of 30 I started spotting  but only one day, so I decided to do bloodtest, still negative.

Up to today I still have cramping, heartburn, nasua Sore breast, but I geus I will wait and see I have an appointment with the DR next week, mayeb I will get some clarity then. Good luck to all!


Smiley123 - August 18

Sxychick420 did you end up being pregnant? As I am very similar to your experience right now 


Ninjaynnear - August 24

Hi, how are you? have you been tested?Are you pregnant?


Smiley123 - August 25

Hello, no I've not tested since but I'm starting to think I'm not pregnant. I know woman are all different and get different symptoms but I've got no symptoms (except headaches but that is probably work related) sonik just going to see what happens with my period in September whether again it's short or whether it goes back to normal. It's just a pain now because I was late and had a short period I don't really know when I'm ovulating now but if my period is late September then I'll do a pregnancy test again then ????


Teezy22 - October 10

I have a question. My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for a little over a year now. I took a pregnancy test three days before my period started, but it was negative.  I normally have 3 day periods. I started my “period” Sunday, and now it is Tuesday and I have no sign of a period anymore. When it began, I noticed thick brownish blood when I wiped. For the past four days as I took a shower, I suddenly felt faint. I felt like I was going to pass out and I thought I had to throw up. My head is hurting more than normal, and when I’m at work, I can hardly stand. I usually smoke, and now I don’t like the smell of it. I don’t have sore breasts, but I have slight abdominal cramps. I really want to have a baby, but if I am not pregnant, we will always keep trying. Any answers or suggestions would be fine.


Grandpa Viv - October 10

Teezy, a test before your period was due could have been too early. Test again once a week has passed. Unusual fatigue is a common early sign which you do not mention. 


Smiley123 - October 11

Teezy123 I was kind of in a similar situation as you. Me and my partner were trying and one month in August I got my hopes up as I was a couple of days late for my period but then all of a sudden I got brown type of discharge when I wiped then a day later I had what I thought was my period. I assumed then that I wasn't pregnant and waited a week and continued to keep trying. But then a couple of weeks later I noticed one small prominent vein in my boob (no pain or sensitivity though) and thought it was strange cause I never have any marks on my boob so did a tet and it was positive! So now my midwife isn't sure whether I'm 8 or 10 weeks pregnant as that brown discharge and bleed may have been implantation bleeding, I have my first scan on the 1st November to find out how far long I am :D good luck to you x


Teezy22 - October 11

I took another pregnancy test first thing this morning, but I am not sure whether it says positive or negative. It’s Clearblue brand and I can see the horizontal line just fine, but the vertical line is very light, but I can see it. Should I give it a few weeks and take another?


Grandpa Viv - October 12

Teezy, the hormone the test looks for is supposed to double every few days. Run another test a week after the last. There’s a good chance it will be positive. 


Jaybaby - October 13

I have been trying to get pregnant for years. I thought Finally because I was feeling weird. I had hot flashes, diarrhea, fatigue, dizziness and headaches. But I have tested like 4 times and all negative. Today its supposed to be the first day of my peruod and i had only a little blood spot. I have had weird cramps too. Usually I get the cramps when I have my period. Is there any possible way I could be pregnant and implantation was just today? Im giving up hope



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