What Does A Two Day Period Mean

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DMVFran - June 20

On the test in the control window it was a clear blue line and in the test results box it was a faint blue line horizontally and a even fainter vertical line.. I can see it a little.. Idk.. Any advice..??


s_xy2003 - July 1



Grandpa Viv - July 2

It seems like your body has gotten over the after-effects of depo and you started menstruating regularly again. Now it sounds like you could be pregnant. Take a home preg test using first morning pee and see if you have been successful! GL!


KLM1115 - August 1

I have a similar question as these other ladies. I had been on BC for nearly 6 years and stopped June 23rd mid package. I had already had a period for that month around the 13th and of course stopping my BC mid package made me have another bleeding episode on June 26th which lasted for 6 days. My husband and I are obviously trying to conceive. I started bleeding on Friday July 29th and already stopped by early Sunday. Also, my periods have always been regular even when I wasn't on the pill they lasted around 5-7 days & on the pill around 4-5. I'm not sure why the bleeding only last for 2.5 days, could I be pregnant? If so when would be a good time to take the home test?


tubble - August 4

I have a similiar question: I've been having an irregular cycle for the past 3 months. I was a little concern when it first happened because it was all of a sudden went to a 2 day cycle. My normal cycles are usually 4-5 days with day 2 and 3 the heaviest in the cycle. Month 2, I went to doctor and expressed my concerns and she told me to monitor it some more. Well, it just happened again...month 3 only 2 days. I have a few things running through my mind. 1) Could I be pregnant and not know it because I keep having a cycle? 2) If so, could it be an ectopic pregnancy because I had my tubes tied (cut and burnt) 10 years ago after my twins were born. 3) Am I going through early menopause? (I just turned 32 a couple of months ago) I have taken many hpt but they are all negative and I really cant afford to keep taking them. Also, if it's a possible ectopic pregnancy, I don't think it would show up on that type of test? I don't have any weird craving, but I do have a pain on the right side of my uterus area and sometimes a pain in my left abdominal, but I don't know what to make of it. I have noticed that I have gained about 1-2 lbs a month, and I haven't done anything different than what I normally do. I went in to the doctor to have a well woman visit hoping they could possibly find something maybe a cyst or something to explain the reason for the pain I have been experiencing, but nothing. Fibroids run in my family, but I have yet to get any. I am just at a lost for words and just don't know what's going on with my body and am tired of going to the doctor for them to "guess" what is wrong. Oh, one doctor thought the pain was irritable bowel syndrome, which is definately false, because I don't have a problem there at all.


Grandpa Viv - August 5

It's difficult to believe you are pregnant. An ectopic would have become very painful already, you have few signs other than a changing menses, and tubes cut and burned is pretty effective. The cyst idea seems valid - did they do an ultrasound? After that, maybe a glandular change is affecting your cycle. GL!


AHB81 - August 9

I think I'm in a similar situation as some of the ladies here. My periods are never consistant monthly. There have been times when I have gone as far as 7 months without one. I spoke with a doctor about 6 months ago and was told that it was probably because I am over weight. Two weeks ago, my nipples were super sensitive to the touch. Getting dressed was the worst. I have been getting headaches and I have been very cranky lately. Some smells that I used to love, like coffee, have made me want to vomit. I was also craving eggs for about a week. I couldnt get enough of them. All of this went away about 2 weeks ago Fast forward to this Sunday, I woke up in the morning and found that I had started my period. It was light for the day. Monday was a little heavier. I woke up this morning (Tuesday) to find just a few little spots on my sanitary napkid. It seems just a little redness when I wipe (sorry for the TMI) but not much. When I normally get my menstral cycle, its 5 to 6 days long. The headache is back again today too. My fiance and I have been TTC for about 4 months. I took a HPT about 2 weeks ago and got a BFN. You should also know that I have been taking Geritol for about a week and a half too. Could this period thing be a side effect of the Geritol? I'm really confused and really scared. We want a baby so much. Any help will be very much appreciated!


Valentina1985 - August 16

Hi girls, i am new to this forum, and i look forward to meet you all. I know this post is a bit old, but is the one i found out is closer to what i experience so if anyone can answer it would be greatly appreciated. Me and my fiance are trying to get pregnant for 6 months now. My cycle is 26 days and it works like a clock! Never missed a day! My last period was on the 18 of July and we had s_x in daily basis since the 28 of July until the 3rd of August. Then on the 4th we went for holidays and it ofcourse happened there as well. On the 11th we came back home and on the 12th of August i had a scheduled appointment with my doctor and he said lets try for an HcG test. It came back negative as the hormone was at 3,5ml and he said it must be more than 20 to be positive. Well at 12 of clock that night i went to the bathroom and when i wiped i saw a pink blood. I thought my period was coming (expected on the 13th of August) so i wear a pad (although i was surprised as i have no cramps or pain, and every month i get pains and mood swings before she comes. I wake up in the morning and to my surprise the pad had only few spots of pinkish brownish spots. By noon it was a little heavier but nothing like a normal period, as my period are really heavy and last for 5-6 days. I thought oh well. Then on the 14th of august by noon when i wiped i saw some brownish discharged only when i wipe and thats it. Nothing else. That was very weird. Yesterday afternoon i took a pregnancy test and it has a very very very faint positive line. My fiance and friend could see it too. So it wasnt just me. This morning 16th of August i had to wake at 3 o clock to go the bathroom (i pee a lot more) and i took another test. Came back negative. Went back to sleep at at 7 i took another one. Negative again. Last night when i went to bed i was feeling stabbing pains on my right ovary, and i feel them again today as well. I dont want to bother my doctor again since although the first test came back positive the other 2 that i did this morning came back negative. I just want your opinions, if you have some time to answer. Thank you and sorry for this being so long, i am just heartbroken.


Valentina1985 - August 16

forgot to add that my fiance has noticed blue veins getting darker on my b___sts, my b___st was very painful (but not anymore) and i want to vomit and feel dizzy for the past 3 days the same time at 8 o clock at night, but by 9 i am just fine.


AHB81 - August 16

Hi Valentina! Welcome! I can relate on a little bit of what you are going through. We've been trying for about 4 months. My periods arent consistant, but my doctor thinks its because I am overweight. Anyhow, I had the same thing happen with my period. I thought I started when I woke up one morning and noticed a little blood on the paper. It was really light for the day, the next was a little heavier, but by the third day, it was barely there, only when I wiped. It continued like that for another day or two. I took a pregnancy test on Friday and it came out negative. Another one this morning with my morning pee and I think I did it wrong because I couldnt read it at all. I dont know what happened. I am hoping/praying that I am pregnant. And I hope that you get a big fat positive test too! Baby Dust Sprinkled all over you too!!!


AHB81 - August 16

OMG! I get that too! About two weeks ago, my b___sts/nipples were killing me. They are better now though. But, its crazy because I always feel like I am going to vomit, but when it comes down to it, I never do. Have you been getting headaches at all? Feeling sleepy?


Valentina1985 - August 16

Thank you AHB for taking the time to reply. I hope you do see that big fat second line!!! Will keep my fingers crossed for you! I do feel a lot tired than normal, and i feel that my moods changing, but not like getting b___hy (like when my period is about to start) i feel very contend and in a flash of time i feel insecure and just want hugs! Then the second after i am just fine! What about you?


AHB81 - August 16

I've been the same way with my moods. Not b___hy at all. More like emotional. Thinks like looking at my dogs face or watching my significant other sleeping make me want to cry. Totally weird. I've also noticed that my fiance' has been eating a lot more and having strange cravings, much like I have been. Wanna hear something weird? My fiance' and I went to church this past Sunday. He asked the Missionaries there (we are Mormon) if they would please give me a blessing. We had never met this particular one before. He placed his hands on my head and starting talking about how I am to "nurture my daughter" and raise her in the Church. Well, I dont have any children yet. So, my lovely fiance' seems to think that I am pregnant already and that I am having a girl. Oh, I do hope so! Hope that didnt weird you out with the religion stuff. Its kinda new to me. Allison


CElaina - August 21

Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone can help me. I was last s_xually active on Aug 1, and I got a period on Aug 17, but it stopped on Aug 19. I am usually 5-7 day periods. Would it be too early for implantation bleeding?


AHB81 - August 21

Hi CElaina, From all that I have read, it sounds like it may be.


CElaina - August 23

may be too early?



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