What Does A Two Day Period Mean

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brunettesarah1989 - December 4

Hi im after some advice! Last week and all of this week ive felt sick but only being sick once and that was at night! I dont seem to have much of an appet_te, my period was due last monday normally dark red and lasting for seven days buy was light pink n light only showed when i went to the loo and wiped, sorry to put it like that! This only lasted for a day and a half, is there any chance i could be pregnant! After this my cm seem to have increased a lot! The past three days i have been experiencing real bad back ache, which i have never suffered with before! Do you think theres any chance i could be pregnant? And if so when should i take a test? Please advice xx


brunettesarah1989 - December 4

oh and today i cant stop peeing! lol


orlihoney - December 5

hi myself and the hubbie have been trying to get pregnant this past 2 months. 4 days before i started getting loads of symptoms , feeling sick, headaches, tiredness and very sore b___st , nipples turned black/purple, slight cramping! i was due my period on 30th november, i took a pregnancy test on 1st december but it was negative. then on the 2nd december i got my period, no real cramping, it lasted one and half days and now its gone. i always have a regular period lasting about 5 days. do you think i could be pregnant ? any advice would be great : )


Jathen01 - December 12

Okay I am having the same issues but somewhat different and really need help. I had the Mirena taken out on october 4th and then had a normal period on october 12 which lasted 5 days, Then on November 12 I had yet another normal period which lasted around 4 days...Now December 9th (friday) and it was a heavy bleed but by saturday night it was gone..I now only have very slight brownish when I wipe but nothing else..I am s_xually active and the last time I had s_x was on November 19th, 22nd, and 23rd. I have tested today and got a negative result but I have been very nauseous and have pucked in the morning but it is throughout the day that I an Nauseous, no sore b___st, dizzy and have a slight headache nothing to horriable. I am also getting very car sick, but I am just not feeling like myself and don't know if this has to due with coming off of the mirena or not..Please help has this happened to anyone???


Jathen01 - December 12

Oh and I also wanted to add to that as well..I was on the mirena for almost 5 years and for 2 1/2 of those years I didn't have a period at all...Please help I wouldn't mind being pregnant but at the same time I don't want to feel sick anymore...also put a call into the obgyn to see what they say..any advice would help me at this point..thanks..


Grandpa Viv - December 13

If you are pregnant, remember that the hormone doubles every few days, so a negative on Friday could turn into a positive on Monday. It's difficult to guess if your signs are from withdrawal from Mirena or actual pregnancy. Seems like the Mirena hormones should be out of your system after two months. Good luck with the tests!


Jathen01 - December 14

Grandpa Viv...I talked to my OBGYN and she said that there is no way that I could be feeling like this from having the mirena taken out....I am just wondering if I could have had an implantation bleed since It did not last but for almost 2 days. the 2 months earlier was like 4-5 days....according to all of the charts I would have ovulated on the 26th of November... I still feel nauseous but I haven't puked like I did on dec. 9 & 10th. I am still having slight cramping on and off and have hot flashes along with a slight headache that will not go away on top of very tired, plus my nipples have a very tingly feeling on and off...and my urine has a very strong odor to it.....I also have read that you will not have a positive until 2 weeks after implantation is that correct?....So maybe I will test later this month....just not common for me to feel this way..thanks for your help...just confused as to what is going on....


needsadvice - January 3

i took a mourning after pill, and i got my period a week early which i heard was normal, but it was a dark brown period and only lasted for 2 days, what does this mean?


ericad - January 9

I had my period, I think. It started the night before new years eve (late that ngiht.) and it was already done(new years morning.) I took a clear blue yesterday (it was negitive.) but it has also gave me false positives before. Has anyone else had this experience lately? I need help. I have been have awful headaches for the last week or so, and tired, but I also have an 8 month old so that tiredness could also be from that! It hurt a little when my husband and myself had s_x after I was off my period which was weird. I mean it hurts when we do just because of his size but this was a painful hurt at first


marinesgirl - January 9

I have had 2 day periods since october. I have taken several pregnancy tests and the say negative. I normally have 4 day periods


x.unomitzi.x - January 10

Nov 2011 I didn't get no period in Dec I did for 6 days (normal period) yesterday (Jan 8) I had a heavy period today (Jan 9) I spotted until 5pm something and completely stopped. I been feel nausea,lower back pains a little,I sleep a lot. Everyone telling that I could be pregnant.I just don't want to get my hopes up,cause my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant forever and nothing. What do you think?


[email protected] - January 10

Hey guys this is my first time on here but I'm trying for my second baby and very confused my period was late so I done a first response test which had a faint second line then a few days later I had a few days of bleeding like a normal period only my periods dont usually last for 2 days could I still be pregnant any advice would be appreciated driving me crazy


Grandpa Viv - January 10

My money is on you still being pregnant. It's a week since your last test. Test again. The positive line should come in stronger and faster. GL!


[email protected] - January 10

Thanks grandpa viv never had bleeding like this with my daughter so that's why I'm so confused so if I have 2days if quite heavy bleeding I could still be pregnant will p


[email protected] - January 10

Thanks grandpa viv never had bleeding like this with my daughter so that's why I'm so confused so if I have 2days of quite heavy bleeding I could still be pregnant will post when I know for sure has anybody else had similar issues!


[email protected] - January 13

Well I done another test and I couldn't really see a positive result does this mean I'm not pregnant or could it still be to early to get a positive result am really starting to stress now wasnt this hard with my daughter any advice would be great x



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