What Does Breast Milk Taste Like

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leslie - April 25

now that i was reading about breat leaking...I wonder...What does B--t Milk tastes like??...ok, maybe I am too curious..but has anyone ever tried it before?? Is it like formula?


michelle - April 25

Breastmilk is very sweet. It's hard to describe. Formula tastes awful.


Noel - April 25

ive tried my b___st milk before, to me it tastes like whole milk mixed with sugar added. my friends husband says his wifes b___st milk tastes like cantelope juice (sweet), i guess its different for everyone.


Audrea - April 26

I have been told by many people that it tastes like melted whip cream. I am an RN in the Neonatal ICU and work with a lot of breasfeeding moms and have heard this for years.


BBK - April 26

It tastes different to everyone, because it's never the same: human milk's composition changes to adapt to the baby's nutritional needs!!! It does have lower fat and higher sugar contents than cows milk though, so it'd taste more like 1% with sugar, but smelling better.


kris - April 26

The doc told me each woman's b___st milk will change also with what she eats. She said that we pa__s our food along to the baby, but of course in dilluted amounts. Sometimes that influences the taste.


TX Girrrl - April 26

Breast milk tastes very sweet. Formula tastes YUCKO. I can't eat Cheerios anymore because, oddly, they smell like formula. GROSS! :)


Sam - April 26

Leslie, thank you for asking that question! I have always wondered! My hubby asks me all the time and I have no idea.


erin - April 26

I have always wondered this, thanks for asking this question leslie!!


leslie - April 26

Thank you ladies! Now my question is if I eat spicy food ALL the time, will my milk taste spicy!! lol! I ask this becasue of Kris' post...


deed - April 27



NickieDo - April 27

I have decided to b___stfeed, and I can just picture it now....baby on one, hubby on the other (or at least wanting some for cereal) lol



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