What Does Early Pregnancy Cramping Feel Like

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joblue81 - January 27

babypls32: please let me know how it turns out for you.. i hate all the waiting each month.. but then i get scared closer to the time as i dont want to see a negative.


babypls32 - January 27

I know the tww is stressful! I keep telling myself im not b/c i have all my af symptoms. After 2 years of trying,back in may i gota BFP..i was so hapy..at ten weeks on my DD's B'day i was in the ER having emergency surgery. Yep preg. In my tubes. That was hard. We just gotta leave it in gods hands. I keep u posted. Af due feb1. You keep me posted too.


sabby101 - January 27

Hi, my cycles are around 36-40 days long. My lmp was dec 16 so I am on cd43 and still no sign of af. I am using fertility friend and it's telling me that I am only 9dpo so I am going to wait until Monday to test. The weird thing is this time my b___st dont hurt like they usually do before af, only My nipples are sore and I have this cold that I can't get rid of. Today I started feeling that weird feeling of my period coming, I kept going to the bathroom nervous to check but nothings there. Just want to here some of ur opinions and here what u think.


Baby3? - January 31

I am really at a lost..about a week after my last period (jan3-jan9) I spotted light pink for 2 days, went completely away. Had a yellow snot looking discharge one time(tmi). For the past few weeks I have had sore bbs !! on and off. Weird dreams every night, nausea, back pain, burning poking sensations in my abdomen and sides. I smell everything.. I hate !! the smell of beer one day my boyfriend opened one and it felt like I feel in love again. I have had runny nose weird taste in my mouth after certain foods itchy throat on and off, hot and cold flashes weird sleeping pattern. These have been things since around 3dpo. What just really blew me last night I had the worst cramping ever!! I couldnt even sit still or go to sleep I was constipated(tmi) and I had clear discharge(same symtoms with my daughter).I never cramp this bad and especially not without starting my cycle. I went to sleep maybe around 1:40 and had to get up for work at 5. My cycle was due today no show bbs still sore and mild cramping on and off with sudden pinching sensations. Took a preg test and it came up negative????(cheapie)


ark34 - February 27

Pheeww, I thought I was going nuts obsessing over "am i pregnant or not", but it seems like these are normal emotions especially when you're trying really hard to conceive. My husband and I have been trying for 3 months (this being the 3rd) nothing so far. I've used the ovulation predictor which helped me realize that I actually ovulate later in the cycle than what I thought. I am due for period either Feb 28th or March 1st. Super-paranoid that I may get my period as I started to have the lower abdominal cramping, aching feeling in back and legs. I keep going to the bathroom to check if it has arrived, so far nothing. I also did a urine pregnancy test today b/c i was too too anxious, but it came out negative. Ideally I should check on March 1st, but its so hard to wait for so many days only to be disappointed and find out that I have to start all over again next month. Sigh...


Grandpa Viv - February 28

"Running to the bathroom thinking" is an occasional post that goes along with the early sign of "lotion discharge." Best of luck1


kati_Mommy - June 24

I am exactly going through the same thing. 4th month trying to conceive, today is my day 34, I've had a mild cramp (usually non stop) since day 28, my period is between 30-32 days, however last month I had it at day 41, thinking I was pregnant. so this month I am again late, but don't want to get my hope high. I see that some of you (ark34) had same situation, can u pls tell me what happened after. thx


Sam2017 - January 25

On 01/20/17(Friday)  I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I took the plan B pill on the 22 (Sunday) he did not ejaculate inside of me, I'm not sure if I could get pregnant from pre cum. I'm kinda worried. My stomach has been hurting lately., not really nausea, I don't think. It feels like sometimes I ate something bad, and other times it feels like I'm hungry. I ate and its the same. My breasts aren't sore, and my period is at the beggining of the month so I can't use that to find out, are there signs this early, could I be pregnant?? 


hemanjali85 - January 30



hemanjali85 - January 30

im hema im 31 recntly married n tryng to conciev my last period was on 21 dec 2017 n my period is due by 9 days i have thyroid. i freqntly urinated for 3 days ,had stomach pain, bloating ,bulches, vomting sensatn . wnt to my doc, had urine test on 28 night , came negative she told i hav gas problm can anyone suggst somthg im confusd


Reir - July 24

I have a similar issue.  Please let me know how yours turned out



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