What Does Everyone Crave

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Anne U.K - October 24

Hi Ladies..just for the fun of it,what did u crave/are craving? & i heard if u crave salty/sour stuff ur having a boy,if u crave sweet stuff its a girl.. any advice??


teigan - October 24

im craving pickles, and mustard, i hate mustard but im eating it with everything, my bacon sandwiches on a morning, cheese and ham sarnies, im even squrting it in my mouth when hubby isnt looking, as he would go mad, im even drinking the vinegar out of the pickles jar... ewwwwww xxx


Yvonne - October 24

I'm having a boy, I crave baby ruth candy bars and gummy bears


M.A. - October 24

I crave cherry cokes everyday. Pot roast w/onions everyday. But any red meat will ususally do. Had some sour cravings. I put salt on everything, and never used to use salt at all. I crave a tiny bit of sweets like Little Debbie cakes maybe once a day. I used to eat veggies. and chicken all the time before pregnant. But now I can't seem to even chew them without feeling sick. I'm having a baby boy!


Amy - October 24

I am craving salads with Western dressing, Starbursts, Snickers, Mixed Nuts, and my favorite is honeycrisp apples!! I ate 5 yesterday!! It seems like I have A never ending appit_te!! I could eat all day long!! I have gained around 14lbs. I am 18 weeks today! Oh I also LOVE Peanut m&m's!!! And OJ!!! And CHEESE!!! Hey, now I'm hungary!!!


jb - October 24

I have alway craved salty foods, but since i have been pregnant I have had more cravings for sweets. Chocolate, ice cream, also watermelon I will eat that twice a day. I am having a girl dont know if that has anything to do with it.


Melissa - October 24

Italian ices!! Yum. Also fruit. Oranges, strawberries with whipped cream, watermelon.


K - October 24

The exact opposite for me. I'm 21 weeks. The whole time I have craved spicy or salty. I don't like the sweet stuff nearly as much as I did before I was pregnant and I am having a girl. The doctor is absolutely sure its a girl because we had a Level 2 ultrasound and she completely cooperated to where they could even make out her "girl parts".


Lisa - October 24

I'm 21 weeks and I'm having a girl...so far I have had cravings for chocolate cake, pickles, hamburgers, mandarin oranges, sour jujubes, apple crisp, cherry pie, lobster and crab, baked potatoes, potatoe salad, and lots of other things...I don't limit myself to anything! :)


MeM - October 24

I have been eating a lot of potatoes with hot sauce...like frenchfries with hot sauce and mashed potatoes with hot sauce...it's really good!!


smiles - October 25

im 24 weeks and have a feeling im having a boy but i am waiting for the surprise! ive been cravings lots dairy products, like cheese, milk and ice cream. im also eating chocolate alot more and could eat a loaf of bread a day! toasted or just plain it doesnt matter!


sandi - October 25

its crunchy with me. pickled onions, pickled veg, carrotts, ice cubes and pops, celery - crunchy or pickled it dont matter lol


karine - October 25

i crave milk, milk, milk !!! LOL....i was a big milk drinker before, but now its even worse. i also like, cherry cheesecake LOL, sweet pickles, potatoes, salads, steak subs.


~m~ - October 25

Well, I don't really "crave" anything since I don't have much of an appet_te. But I will say that my taste has changed. Plus, I have developed an aversion to almost all of my old favorites. I have a distaste for most meats, I can't even LOOK at a Coke, which I usually loooooove, and if I can choke down a burger, I have to have mustard and pickles on it. It used to be mayo only! So no real cravings, just a 180 on the things I am able to eat. But I have heard that same tale about salty and sweet. Good luck!


dani - October 25

Lately, it's been gyro pita's (lamb meat), soft swiss cheese, cottage cheese, grilled cheese, wow, didn't really realize how much I love cheese....lol. OH, and choc. milk.....yummy!!


Kathleen - October 25

I crave CHOCOLATE!!!!!


Dustie - October 25

I crave Chick Fil A ice cream all of the time and I am having a boy. I do have cravings for other things but nothing as consistent as the ice cream.



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