What Does The Brown Line In Stomach Mean

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SB - June 28

I know that is part of pregnancy but since I just recently got mine I am curious to know what this line along your stomach mean??? You know its a darker shade than your skin and in kinda splits your stomach in two (long ways) does anybody know what that means?? or what is the purpose of that line??


bump - June 28



SArah - June 28

Just another fabulous side-effect of pregnancy. The line is ALWAYS there, you just never could see it before. With the increased hormones (estrogen) come darker areas of skin. This includes that line, your areolas and on some women, random darker patches of skin either on their face or chest.


SB - June 28

Sarah thanx for your response, really appreciate it!!!


toes - June 28

hmm, I always thought it was to help new doctors figure out where to perform a c-section at. silly me


Shelly - June 28

To toes, just in case your not kidding, that line has appeared for as long as women have been able to have babies, so before the time that we had C-sections. Second that line is vertically and a C-section is cut horizontally.Hope that explains some.


Cindy - June 29

It's a dark line called the linea negra, often appears down the centre of your stomach. It marks the division of your abdominal muscles, which separate slightly to accommodate your expanding uterus.


toes - June 29

shelly, tho I appreciate the supposed enlightenment you offer, I actually possess enough intelligence in combination with basic common sense to know the answer to this. Add to that my 1st wife went through 2 c-sections and I REALLY know, but of course you had no way of knowing that.


Shelly - June 29

To Toes,since I saw several of your answers at other sites i thought you were kidding,but i wanted to be on the safe side.I just posted it cuz at one time I had seen a similar response and that person was SERIOUS.Thats the reason I was so carefull and put on there "just in case you're not kidding".



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