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Toni - September 5

Hi my husband and I have been trying for a baby for one year now. I have approx one week to go before my period is due, however, I my br___ts are very sore and I weighed myself yesterday and I had lost 4lbs although I cannot easily do my trousers up. I feel slightly nauseas this morning and yesterday and today I have felt tearful and then OK off and on throughout the day. We both are so desparate to have a baby. I am 36 and my husband is 53 - my question, although no-one can tell me for sure is: does anyone think that this is a good sign?


SaRaH - September 3

Yes I think it is a good sign!!!!!!!! I wish yall the best of luck!! GOD BLESS YALL!!!! If you try not to worry about it alot it will happen!!!


Toni - September 3

Hi Sarah, thanks for replying so quickly, so often in the past I have emailed a forum and no-one answers - thanks for the vote of confidence, Toni


Misty - September 3

It sounds like a good sign to me too. I hope all goes well.


April - September 3

I would say that sounds like you are headed in the right direction! If you are anxious for your period, and waiting and wondering, why dont u take a trip to the doctors and get a pregnancy test? Wouldnt hurt right?


SaRaH - September 3

You are welcome! I hope all ends up in your favor!! GOD bless!!! Good lucK!!


Rachel - September 3

I don't want to be a downer but here is my story. We were on fertility drugs. Both of us are 34 years old. I had all the symptoms of pregnancy such as tender b___bs, peeing all the time, loss of period but I was also losing weight. I had lost 2 lbs within 3 days of finding out I was pregnant and I was eating right but not exercising. I also just did not feel right, something felt wrong about my body including the weight loss. Well, the OB ran the bloodwork and I was pregnant but the OB could tell something was wrong right away. Well, within a week and a half I miscarried. I don't want to be discouraging but you have to be realistic. See you doctor for the best advice.


Toni - September 4

Is it too soon to have a test? My periods range from 22 -29 days apart, which in its self is annoying as I'm never really sure when I'm due. With this in mind I could be expecting my period today, up to next Saturday. I've read that women don't usually experience symptoms until 3 weeks - is that the official three weeks ie from the last day of your last period or 3 weeks from when you think you conceived? I'm so desparate, how long does a girl have to wait!! I think a year is just too much!


Jen - September 4

I took a positive urine test the first day I thought I might have missed my period. I usually get it between 30-33 days. I had a negative blood test in the dr's office 10 days prior so I took 3 urine tests to confirm. I used First Response and CVS brand. They all showed a faint line and I am now 10 weeks along! First response it supposed to be able to detect a few days before missed period. Good luck!


fe - September 5

Girlfriend, my b___st was tender and I lost a total of 18 lbs. I 'm now 12 weeks. When I found out I was 7 weeks. Baby heart beat was 120. So that could be a sign.


MARY - September 5

Toni sounds encouraging!!!! Keep up the faith it will happen!! God Bless you I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your husband!!



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