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truth - March 29

i recently found out that i am pregnant. i am worried sick because about a month after i had s_x, i had these really terrible pains. i completely lost my mind from the pain and took 3 panadol tabelets.. about 10 mins later when they hadnt worked my dad come home and gave me a whole packet of panadine (parecedamol and codeine) and i was in so much pain.. i took 5 tablets. as soon as i did it i thought i was going to die or something, because your only meant to take 2 panadine OR 2 panadol, not both and not that many. now that i found out i am pregnant i am so terrified that i have done something to the baby. is my baby going to be ok??


bump - March 29



Foxy - March 29

Lots of women (Me included!) worry about things they have done before they realised they were pregnant. Usually it's too much drink, and the general advice is that you shouldn't worry as long you were careful once you discovered the pregnancy.I reckon it'd be the same with pain killers, but I'm sorry, I don't know for sure. You should really talk to a doctor about this to set your mind at ease. Hope you will be ok.


.... - March 30



Jamie - March 30

Go talk to a doctor...at my first visit with my OB, they ran about a bazillion tests on me and on my baby to make sure everything was okay; don't worry until you know for sure that something's worng - the stress is DEFINATELY bad for the baby.


ellie - April 2

in health cla__s last week i had to research about codeine, and your not meant to take it when your pregnant, because it has harmful affects on the baby, or if taken often can become addictive to the baby, and it may depend on the drug. since you have taken about 3 times the prescribed amount, it is possible that it has harmed the baby, i am sorry to say. you should see your doctor and talk about having some tests done to make sure everything's ok. try not to worry about it until this happens, remember, stress is bad for the baby. i wish you the best of luck and i will be preying for you. .:.::baby dust to all::.:.


ellie - April 2

this is one of the sources of my info, it may interest you. http://www.drugs.com/codeine.html .:.::baby dust to all::.:... you can neva have enough baby dust


michelle - April 2

You can take codeine while pg. I've had it and other narcotics prescribed in the past. You shouldn't take it long term as it is addictive and can cause the baby to become addicted as well. My dr told me that you would have to take a lot of codeine over a long period of time to have problems with it. Talk to your dr, but your baby will most likely be fine.


Betty - April 3

Don't panic all's well. Panadol (Paracetaol).can be toxic when... (I Had to study the stuff.) -If you have weakend kidneys. -You are an alcoholoic. -You have taken more than 10-15 in a day -It is only risky for the baby if you are taking -heavy doses of paracetamol every day it builds up in your blood stream and weakens the lattice matrix that holds the fetus in the womb. -8 in one day is within the recomended limit so DON'T PANIC. And never take more than the recomended dose unless under doctors orders. Paracetamol usually takes 3 DAYS to kill a person and they are pain the whole time. If you are lucky you don't wake up from the coma. My doctor recomded I take no more than four a day for the back pain. I found 2-3 on a bad day worked with a little self hypnosis. (This is strong stuff this is equal to two paracetamol etc.) And it worked.



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