What Have I Done

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oh-oh - February 25

I am expecting my second child. We were very fortunate to have the child we do, and were not expecting to be blessed with more. Our first child will be 6 when the new one arrives. last night I babysat my girlfriend's baby boy, who's almost 1 year old. He cried almost the whole 4 hours he was here, and I had a chill run through my body, as I realized, this is what I'm in for!!!! My first child will have too many years apart to really 'connect' with the new baby, heaven forbid if it's the opposite s_x, they might as well not even be related! No more sleeping in!! No more sleep-over's at grammas (for a while anyway) Good GOD! What have I done!!!!!!!


Uh OH!! - February 25

Well I guess that sucks. It seems as though you forgot what it was all about. FLASH BACK! It is going to be fine! The older child will be protective over the 2nd and they will get along fine. GOD BLESS!


Maleficent - February 25

relax! your going to be fine. don't let one night with someone elses fussy kid throw you off. you will know how to comfort your own baby. you'll love him from the second to set eyes on him. it's not the same as babysitting. and your older child is going to be a wonderful help to you, they will connect in their own way. take a deep breath. your going to be okay.


uh-oh - February 25

I feel like such an a__s! I know how blessed we are to be pregnant, but I have-suddenly- the same fear as though I were a 15 year old girl! Meanwhile, I'm married, and almost 30!!!! I know how lucky we are.... so why am I suddenly so pannicky about how this baby is going to change our life!!!! Where's my maternal glow? I had it before!...


D - February 25

I'm 30, pregnant with my first, and scared to death. I know it will be ok, I know we'll love it, etc. But I think I might understand a little of what you're saying! Good luck - we'll be ok!


hjs - February 25

I feel the same way. I'm 30 and 6 wks pg. Now you've got me freaking out! Cried for 4 hours? Good lord!



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