What Is A Safe Way To Reduce Stretch Marks

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?QUESTION? - October 2

I have several stretch marks from before pregnancy due to rapid weight gain/loss because of medical reasons. I am now 10 weeks. Is there a safe way to reduce my current stretch marks and decrease my risk of getting more? I have heard cocoa butter is good for reducing your risk of more? What else?


Julie - October 2

Try finding a stretch mark prevention cream that also helps reduce previous stretch marks. There is a cream called Biotherm that is safe. I think you can get it at Nordstrom or Sephora. Also Palmers Cocoa B___ter cream says it reduces appearance of stretch marks.


Color pens - October 2

skin colored felt markers lol not to be rude but if all else fails humor is probably the best .


I know! - October 2

A friend of mine used this cream called Strivectin-SD (you can get it at any department store) and she also rubbed olive oil on her tummy every night. Not a single stretch mark! The only problem is that the cream costs 150 dollars


lacy - October 2

there is no way to prevent them- its hereditary. You have 3 layers of skin- which are made up of various numbers of cells within each layer. The epidermis is the top, under that is the dermis, and under that is the hypodermis. When the dermis stretches to much it becomes damaged...(internal injury). This causes a scar commonly known as a stretch mark. So when you put stretch mark lotion on your skin, you are putting it on the epidermis layer, not the dermis. The skin does absorb, but very little. Also, the dermis produces its own 'lotion' called sebum that we wash off everyday in the shower. So essentially spending 150 on lotion is a waste of money. Its all genetic.


Kris - October 2

Yeah honestly, I think if anyone didn't get stretchmarks cause they were using a certain cream..they wouldn't have got them in the first place and they wasted their money. If they really bother you though, after you have the baby have cosmetic surgery. I am not really shallow but I hate having stretch marks and plan to get lazer surgery to reduce them someday.


Maggie - October 2

Use cocoa b___ter with vitamin E everyday after you shower, and do mild stretching exercises everyday so they will disappear quickly after you give birth.


Melissa - October 3

I don't believe there is any way to prevent them, it just depends on how elastic your skin is. I have been using palmers cocoa b___ter everyday since I found out I was pregnant. Have also been using an oil ma__sage bar that contains cocoa b___ter and lavender. I am now 28 wks and am starting to get them on my stomach :(


Julie - October 3

I used Strivectin after I had my son but was told not to use it during pregnancy. It did help get rid of the ones I got from my son. You can try to buy it online cheaper but like I said I don't think you are supposed to use it during.



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