What Is An Espisotomy

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kk - April 20

can anyone answer that i am lost with that thanks


kk - April 20

does it hurt really bad too???


Missy - April 20

It is where they doc makes an incision while you are giving birth to help make room for the baby so you don't tear "down there". It is stiched up after the baby is out. I think they give you a local numbing shot to kind of ease the pain, and i am sure that it hurts less than tearing!


Stephanie - April 20

An espisotomy is when a doctor will do a small incision while you are giving birth to help the child come out easier, so that you don't tear. They do it if they feel your "opening" needs to be a bit bigger. I did not have one and if you get an epidural you won't really feel it, but healing from them can be a bit painful.


BBK - April 20

When the baby's head is exposed by 3 to 4 cm the doc will use a pair of sterile scissors and snip the stretching skin down, towards the a__s, (median) or down and sideways (mediolateral). It's done, so you don't tear the skin yourself in an uncontrolled way, and it also decreases the chance your baby will suffer from oxygen deprivation, though the latter is mostly speculation. I heard that it hurts, but the biggest pain in the b___t (litterally) is that it takes long to heal. Last I read, it was performed on 90% of first time mothers here in the US.


Mindy - April 20

i actually had this done...i was pushing and she'd crown and go back in so the doc asked and i said yes...i didn't want to tear...she cut me and the next push my angel was here....it did not hurt because i had and epideral and i did tear aswell and i couldn't walk right for a week after but i got over it


leslie - April 20

NOOOO!!! Please tell me all this things are not true...sometimes its better to ignore some things!!! I SWEAR I HAVE GOOSEBUMS ALL OVER MY BODY!! I have come to the conclution that I am a BIG CHICKEN!!


crystal - April 20

I also had one done, and the acual incision don't hurt(they gave me the numbing shot)but after, it did I couldn't laugh,cough,sneeze, or sit without being in pain. People have said they were not in pain afterwards but I was.


Carol - April 20

Ladies - an episiotomy is NOT necessary - all the medical research shows that there is NO medical reason to give one. They used to routinely do this because they thought a nice neat cut would heal better than a tear and also prevent infection - this has since ben proven completely false! The healing process is no different if you tear or if you are cut. Also the theory that a baby is deprived of oxygen is just not true. The baby receives it oxygen from the umbilical cord until it is born. The only time this would be a problem is if the cord is pinched closed (if it is wrapped around the babies neck for example) and then of course, a fast delivery becomes imperative! Your docotr may do any epi in that case because they may use forceps and need to cut you to get them in. Please do not feel as if you have to have this done! There are many things that you can do before the baby is born to help stretch the perineum to prevent tearing. It has also been proven that when left to just tear, often the "length" is much shorter than would have been cut with an epi. Also - never allow a doctor to do a mediolateral epi - very bad recovery from this and it is just not necessary. Things have been made way to convenient for doctors here in the US. Women have been having babies for thousands of years without having to be cut. THere is plenty of info out on the web about an epi - just google it.


BBK - April 20

Carol, I mostly agree with you on this. The risks are far greater than any perceived benefits and it should not be done routinely. In fact it could make things worse rather then better. Having said that, there are rare cases where it should be done: 1) If the woman is going to tear, and it appears that she is going to tear forwards towards the urethra: those tears can be nastier than a tear into the perineum, but are very rare. 2) Baby is in distress or mother is exhausted, and it is imperative that baby be born as quickly as possible. It is best to consult with your doctor and see where they stand on the issue. Even if they routinely give them, you could ask them not to have it done on you unless there is an absolute need.


Truth - April 21

It is when the doc cuts you down there b/c you wont open enough for the baby to come out.They numb you before they cut you ive seen it but never had it done to me


ralph - April 21

you don't want to know!


cc - April 21

the episiotomy itself shouldn't hurt because you are numb either from the epidural or a local anesthetic. the healing is uncomfortable, but it would be anyway thanks to all the stretching etc. just one of the fun things that goes w/ childbirth.



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