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Ashley - October 19

Hello everyone. If anyone can help me.. please do.My last period was August 25th, and i've been on time. Me and my boyfriend had s_x on the 18th of september, and i missed my period, so we went to planned parenthood, had a blood test, and it was negative. Now, it's October 19th and i was bleeding for about 3-4 hours today. it was really really light, kinda brown, and now IT"S GONE! I've also had tingling pains in my br___ts. we've had unprotected s_x on the 2nd, 9th, 14, and 16th. If i haven't had a period since August, can i still get pregnant??I know it would probably be hard to figure out when it happened, but I was just wondering what you guys could maybe tell me, this would be my first pregnancy. PLEAAAASE> thank you


krista - October 19

blood tests are the most sensitive..but maybe your Hcg levels weren't high enough to show up.. keep getting tests weekly until you get a prd..or see the doctor because if youre missing a period its a sign that somethings wrong, it could be things other than pregnancy..also it could be caused from stress even.Spotting is also common during implantation.You can get a prd and still be pregnant but its usually light or just spotting and wont last as long as a normal prd would, like you described.Also sore/tingling/bigger b___sts are one of the most common first symptoms in pregnancy.hope that helps..


ashley - October 19

thank you krista, that helps. But im still baffled on the fact that if i havent had a period since august 25th, then i had the blood test about 3 weeks after the 18th of september and it said no.. hmm.. and the reason i havent been to the dr yet, im away at college right now and me and my father arent covered with insurance yet. kinda sucks!!! i was thinking that it might be stress, but then it was weird that it came and went today. i am so confused. i just cant find information about if i could be pregnant knowing that i had my last period august 25th then had s_x on oct 2, 9, 14 and 16 unprotected. i'm not sure that its even possible. hmmmm. thank you for responding though. i appreciate it.


krista - October 19

It's hard to say when you would have been ovulating if you haven't got a prd since Aug. but it is still possible for you to have ovulated even tho your last prd. was August.the blood test was maybe still too soon to show up positive so you could have been pg. from before you took the blood test.


Daile - October 20

Ashley, it is possible that you're pregnant. Blood tests are 100% accurate, so the one you had could be wrong. Also, you could have just skipped September's period for some reason. However, having unprotected s_x four times in october and not having a period makes it more likely that you are pregnant. If you don't get a period soon, you need to go to the doctor. If you're not pregnant and have missed this many periods, something could be wrong. It could just be a hormonal imbalance, or it could be a benign tumor, or something else. You need to see a doctor to find out what's going on in your body.


E - October 20

Blood tests measure any amount of HcG in your system whether the number is 2 or 2000. A blood test would pick up a pregnancy in almost all cases unless the number was in the "equivocal" range which means they are not sure. Equivocal is slightly higher than "not pregnant" but a number less than what is considered "pregnant".


ashley - October 20

thank you everyone for writing me back. it helps me alot and makes me feel really good. i cant talk to my mom about all this and i have no women to talk to. thank you so much!!! what im thinking is that either there is something wrong, like a cyst or something, or could it be that im pregnant from the october the 9th, and this is all implantation bleeding? i went to the bathroom this morning and its just brown liquid like discharge. it went away all last night, but its there this morning. i cant go to the dr;s until next week when our insurance goes into effect. i dnno what to do, my boyfriend will be here this weekend, we might just do a home test as of now. thank you so much for your care everyone. i will keep you notified.


Mellissa - October 20

If you read any pregnancy book, they always list the possible symptoms you could experience when you become pregnant but they also often list some other reasons (medical or emotional) that you could be experiencing these symptoms. In other words: Sometimes the typical and well known symptoms of pregnancy are really something else that you may know little or nothing about. It's true that blood tests are more accurate and sensitive than homepregancy tests. But you should still wait at least 2 wks after you think you concieved (made the baby) before testing. Also, Sperm can live up to 5 whole days inside of you so, even if you had s_x on September 18th, you may not of gotten pregnant until a few days later, making the blood test useless. Go back in now and see your doctor for a blood test but bear in mind, there is a chance you may have gotten pregnant on the 2nd, 9th, 14th and 16th when you had unprotected s_x and your missed period last month had nothing to do with it.


ashley - October 20

well today i am having something that seems to be like a normal period, but its very bright red. i'm not sure what is going on. it was really light and slwo this morning and now its heavier. i think it might just be my normal period. does that mean that im definitely not pregnant?


name - October 20

Could be anything. If you were having irregular symptoms that had you concerned..there still could be something medically wrong..pregnancy or not. Still mention it to the doc to be on the safe side.


ashley - October 21

thanks everyone, but it seems that i actually started a period. its a lot heavier than usual, but at least im pretty sure im not pregnant. i'm still going to go to the doctors. thank you


Daile - October 22

E, while it is true that blood tests will typically pick up any pregnancy, it is not 100% accurate. My sister got a negative on a blood test at five and a half weeks pergnant, by which time I'm pretty sure she had plenty of hcg floating around.



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