What Is Going On?

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foxymommaof3 - January 23


My period was due January 14th. My DH got me a pregnancy test the 17th because he said he thought I was pregnant. (We already have 3 kids lol) It was negative then "period" started the 18th which was very light bleeding/ spotting (red-brown on the 18th) used 3 tampoons and none was full... 19th just brown (painty liner) . 20th nothing. 20th night we had s_x. 21st morning while sleeping I woke up with red blood, put a tampoon in thinking oh this must be it. Woke up (3-4 hours later) and it was done barely filled the tip of the tampoon and was brown. 22nd put my 1 year old to bed and Im short so I have to lean over the side to put her down and got a shooting pain from right ovary down. walked to bedroom and a gush of dark red blood came out. Put another tampoon in thinking oh this must be the start then, went to change it last night and again just the tip of it had brown blood and nothing since. I have not had 1 cramp or clot and its usually pretty regular 5-7 day period, first 1-3 days are gushing super- regular tampoons  4-7 is usually light to spoting. I also havent noticed any pregnancy symptoms other than smell... Last night my husband tried to sneak a gas station hot dog : he always gets an upset stomach when he eat them so he hides it lol and I could smell exactly what he had on it by his cloths... pickles, cheese, and onions it was so strong it was like I was smelling the hot dog right infront of my face but it could just be something else. I have never had a "period" like this and my other pregnancies I just didn't have any sort of period. Would it be possible pregnancy if so when should I test again? Or would it be maybe a hormal / cyst issue? This is so confusing. 


Grandpa Viv - January 23

Pretty weird. You could run another test tomorrow, a week after the first. My guess is that it will be negative and you will be visiting the doctor to be checked for a cyst. 



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