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worried - October 27

i woke up yesterday and there was a wet spot on my underwear and it continued a lil bit thru the day, lastnite when i got home from work at around 8 i started to feel uncomfortable..in that my stomach (on and off) would get hard for a lil bit then go away and i was experiencing a lil bit of pain...very mild (sirta like a period cramp) for a few seconds then it would go away....but i woke up all nite goin thru this, but this morning i didnt really have much of a wet spot (i thought maybe my water may have been "leaking")....am i worrying for nothin??? should i call my doctor??? i went to the doctor tuesday nite cuz i was havin pelvic pressure and diahrea and they hooked me up to a fteal monitor...but really saw no contractions or anything...just A LOT of baby movement, but i wasnt havin the problem i am now...i am 31 weeks pregnant..........p.s.- in between these pains and hardening of my stomach the baby IS moving..which leads me to believe everything is normal, but im not sure, i felt a pulse like kicking feeling a few times, did she have the hicuups, was she kicking??? i could feel it with my hand on my stomach...so those would be some BIG quick hiccups!!! PLEASE HELP!!! sorry for dragging on


yes - October 27

call your doctor. It could be nothing but it sounds like you should call your doctor and just double check. You have nothing do lose and it is better to do it during the day when the office is open then have to pay extra to go in later on if it gets worse. Just call to put your mind at ease, if anything. Good luck


rl - October 27

call your doctor they will know best and don't worry about bothering them that is what they are getting paid for it is better to be safe then sorry good luck


~Smiles~ - October 27

It sounds like contractions to me because you said the cramping comes and goes which is usally what contractions feel like at the beginning of labor.


YC - October 27

yes, I would definitely call the doctor and like everyone said dont be afraid of bugging them, if it weren't for us they wouldnt have a job. p.s. those rhythmic movements you were feeling were most likely hiccups. They are strong enough to feel from the outside with your hand on your stomach. Hope everything is fine!


Mel - October 27

im sure they were just braxton hicks contractions. i get them too...everyday. i am 33 wks pregnant!



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