What Is Morning Sickness Like

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Ginger - March 20

Can anyone tell me what is morning sickness like. I am going 6 weeks and every morning when i wake up, i am very hungry and sometimes ended up having gastric. I have regular 3 meals a day but everytime feels hungry in between. sometimes when i am hungry but when i look at the food, i have no appet_te. however i need to force myself to eat and ended up feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes ended up vomitting too.


Ash - March 20

Not sure why they call it morning sickness because its actually morning, day and night sickness - at least it was for me. I felt very nauseous at the sight of food. Throwing up like crazy even from a sip of water. I didn't know I was pregnant until about 10 weeks and just thought I was under a lot of stress. I lost lots of weight in the begining as well. However, every women experiences morning sickness differently - this was just my experience. What I found helped was lots of gingerale, soda crackers and fruit. Good luck Ginger!


leslie - March 20

Ash I am the same way as you were...I don't know how much is going to last but I hope it ends soon!! I also don't understand why they call it morning sickness if its all day and night and then my bf is like "are you sure you are felling sick? becuse its only in the morning that you are supposed to feel sick" I WANT TO KILL HIM THEN!


Heidi - March 20

To me it feels like having the stomach flu almost, or a hangover some days. If you're really sick, ask your doc if your prenatal pills could be making you sick. Mine were really bad and she had me stop taking them for a while. I felt much better. Little nausea here and there but nothing like when I was on the vitamins. I'm 9 wks so I'm hoping it goes away soon.


Tigerphoenix - March 20

I was 8 weeks when I found out. I was really tired and feeling nauseous. I didn't start vomiting till last week. It is killing me. I can't work because it drains all my energy. I've gotten sick everyday while at work. After I do I am usless. I managed to get through saterday without vomiting but I spent all day in bed. Today I attempted to get up and go somewhere but as soon as I started moving around I got sick. I hope today is the last day but I doubt it. My sister didn't have it near as bad (that I can recall). Eating crackers, ice cream, and water is about all I can stand. Good luck. Oh and tell your bf to drink some salt water. I've read that it simulates morning sickness (or rather not morning). See what he says then ;)


Leahp - March 21

I always thought pregnancy would be great since my party days would be over and I would feel great! HA! Morning sickness if like a mixture of the flu and a really bad hangover!! It was miserable!! But I'm 14 weeks now and feeling great! Good Luck to ya hun!



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