What Is Safe And Good For Constipation

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SaraD - January 12

I am 4w and am constipated(I believe from the pre natals).Do any of you know of any natural foods that I can eat that acts as a laxative? Or what should I take that is safe?


Kendra - January 12

I got a list of approved medications from my dr. - aside from the obvious (eat more bran, fresh fruits and vegetables) you can take Citrucel, Fibercon, Metamucil, Surfak, or Colace. I wish I could tell you how well any of that works - but I haven't tried them. I just wanted to let you know they are safe to try.


Eryn @ MN - January 12

Try Prune Juice.


mon17 - January 12

You can eat a bowl of bran flakes every day and make sure you get lots of fiber. That will keep you pretty regular


Bonnie - January 12

Try eating more bran as said above. Ask your doctor about pre-natal vitamins with stool softeners. My doc gave me those when the fiber didn't help. They are just pre-natals with Colace in them. My insurance didn't cover them so the doc just had me buy the over the counter colace and use as needed (which has been about 6 days a week at least, lol). They are safe to use daily, non-addictive and don't hurt the baby. HOWEVER, I was 35+ weeks and you are still in first trimester so please don't take anything without asking your doctor first. :) Goodluck!


SaraD - January 12

Thanks girls for your help!!!Good luck to all of you and congrats!


Jbear - January 13

Oatmeal will help, and so will getting a little exercise, like a walk after dinner.


Tess - January 13

Eat lots of fiber and lots of fluid.


JennyC - January 13

Its all been said earlier, but its all correct-Fiber, water, and exercise! Try flaxseed, apple (dried or fresh), veggies, cereal etc. good luck


krc - January 13

drinks lots of water on a regular basis


SarahLF - January 13

I have found that the combination of Vitamin A, C, E and Selenium helps as well. It's called Antioxidant Formula. I've taken it when this occurs and within 24 hours it's effective.


Vicki915 - January 13

For the first couple of weeks of my pregnancy I was always constipated. I tried prunes, prune juice and milk. Finally I found the perfect cure...Orange Juice. Whenever I drink orange juice I go to the restroom within 1 hour of having drank it. Try it and see if it works for you.


SaraD - January 14

Thanks everyone for all of your help. I really appreciate it.



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