What Is The Average Weight Gain For Expectant Fathers

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Sheila - October 19

I am 9 weeks and have gained about 3-4 lbs. My husband is gaining right along with me. Is this common? I think he's just worried, plus I've been so tired that we don't go out and do stuff as much. Do expectant fathers commonly share any other symptoms of pregnancy?


Lisa - October 19

Hahha! I love your question Sheila! It seems to be the norm in some households. My husband has been gaining weight along with me as well, it must be the food I am cooking. I've been craving a lot of whole wheat pastas and homemade spagetti sauces lately and chocolate things, so I'm either always baking it or picking it up. I'm 20 weeks and so far I've gained 10 pounds, I think my husband has put on about 6.


Sheila - October 19

You know, it's funny; he is gaining more than me, I think, and he's the one cooking! He won't let me cook; maybe his complete disregard for healthy eating and his insistence that I feed "his baby" more meat is part of the issue. While I control my portions, he eats what he wants and then explains it away with "my wife is pregnant"- like that's supposed to mean anything for his weight! He doesn't like sweets, though; this is all carbs and large portions. It looks like he's the one "eating for two," and I'm still trying to restrain myself from unhealthy eating.


Lisa - October 19

Like that has anything to do with his weight! My husband gives me the same line too...men, I tell yah. It's a good thing we love them. I've been really addicted to homemade BBQ hamburgers lately with lots of onions, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes too...what have you been eating a lot of?


M.F - October 19

I have gained 12 pounds Im 27 weeks I think my hub has gained more then me his the one with the cravings and gets them all the time I think that the fathers also get the symptoms belive me they do at least my has.....His always craving watermelon and shrimp lots of it as for my self. I don't crave much.


beer Belly - October 19

It depends on how much beer he is drinking LOL


Sheila - October 20

You could be right about the beer. That has crossed my mind. I have more revulsions than I have cravings, actually. The one craving I got really bad was at about 6 weeks, for pad thai. I guess I've been wanting cheesecake, too, but I'm not so sure that should count; who doesn't want cheesecake, right?


kris A. - October 20

I have gained 20 pounds, am now 35.4 weeks - hubby has gained about 15... he eats and eats and eats! I basically live on cereal - he makes up the difference! Oh Well, .... he works out really hard three times a week, so it could be worse...


N - October 20

LOL, it's so true. With my first son I only gained 33lbs.. my husband gained 70lbs! He lost it all with me too, by six months we were both back to prepregnancy weight. Now with my second I have gained 30lbs so far (35 weeks today) and he's probably only gained 5lbs. I think it's because when I cook I feel really really hungry so I make lots of food and it's usually pretty fattening but I can't eat as much as I think I can, so I give what's left to him. I have been super hungry this time so he hasn't had to take up much slack :P


Matt - October 21

I like to call it "sympathy pounds"!!! haha! With our first one, I think I put on about 25 or 30 pounds. My wife craved sweet and sour chicken with McDonalds french fries almost every day and I really think that we kept Taco Bell in business for those nine months. Her favorite thing was anything fried with cheese, and I think that is what did me in.It took me nearly 6 months to lose all the weight that I had gained and she was back into a size 2 within two weeks!!! That's just not fair. Now that she is 14 weeks pregnant with our second, I'm sure that I'll be putting on some "sympathy pounds" again. She really hasn't had too many cravings.......yet.



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