What Is The Earliest A Baby Can Be Born And Survive

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crazybaby - February 3

without any major problems ?


starlight_94 - February 3

It depends on the baby really, I have heard of babies being born at 29-33 weeks without any major problems(ie: brain damage, MS, hearing, ) , but they still have to be in NICU and have breathing tubes..etc... the longer in the womb the better for the lo.


sdillon78 - February 3

We were worried with my first one because I was having some problems and my dr. just wanted to get me to 24 weeks. I did end up carrying until 36! But the survival rate at 24 weeks is like 75-80%


crazybaby - February 5

thank you both for your answers


MNMOM - February 7

babies can survive as early as 24 weeks, but of course there are always exceptions to that and even those that survive can have complications and damage/concerns, etc


tyler0323 - February 7

it also depends on the hospital care you have and how good they are. but i wouldnt want to deliver earlier then 28 weeks anywhere.


Miloswife01 - February 7

I read when I was pregnant with my daughter that it is 26 weeks and they have a 60 % chance of survival. I remember hitting that 26 week mark and feeling relief that if for whatever reason I went into labor that there was a very good chance that my DD would live


michaelah - February 28

I just read in a national newspaper of a baby being born at 20 weeks, she was 10 oz when she was born. She was in the incubator for 6 months,but is now getting to go home.


tk07 - February 28

i friend of mine had her baby at 27 weeks at she is fine. she did have some sort of surgery afterwards but nothing major. but apparently she is really lucky.


vistagirl81 - February 28

my sister was born at 22 weeks, she was 1 lb 14 oz, the dr. said she would have many probs and might not last to her 1st bday.. she just turnned 20, never had a problem except she is skinny..... she is okay :P



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