What Is The Weeks To Months Breakdown

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Kristin - April 13

Can anyone tell me how many weeks equal which month you are in? I am in week 18, and some people tell me 4, some say 5?


Heidi - April 13

I'd a__sume you're halfway into your 5th month. I get confused to. I'm at 13 wks and I just tell people I'm starting my 4th month or just say 13 wks. I really have no clue what I'm doing. Ha ha! It's my first!


Kristin - April 13

My first to, I guess I'll just wait till my 20 week ultrasound and ask the good ole' doc.


tara - April 13

http://www.americanbaby.com/ab/pregnancy/ Try this site, then go to My Pregnancy Calendar (half way down the page) and it will tell you the week and the month you are in.


tara - April 13

Heidi - you are just finishing up your 3rd month (one more week to go) and Kritin you have just turned into your 5th month. all the best to you both :o)


sarah z - April 13

You are 4 and a half months. If you calculate it by the first day of your last period which most doctors do then a pregnancy is 40 weeks long (technically 10 months). You break it down into 4 week intervals. 4 weeks=1 month, 8 weeks= 2 months, 12 weeks= 3 months, 16 weeks= 4 months, 20 weeks= 5 months, 24 weeks= 6 months, 28 weeks= 7 months, 32 weeks= 8 months, 36 weeks= 9 months, 40 weeks= due date. Hope that helps :o)


jamie - April 13

I'm 23 weeks - so almost 6 months!


Hayley - April 13

There are more than 4 weeks in one month though. Kristin I said you were more or less 4 months. I'm almost 27 weeks which I am cla__sing as 6 months. I'm due on 14th July so 3 months left!


monica - April 13

your 4 1/2 months. At 20 weeks you will be 5 months


JJ - April 13

A "typical" cycle is about 28 days. Therefore 4 weeks is considered one month during pregnancy. It does get confusing as most months are 31 days. Even more confusing is the fact that we are not truly due when we are nine months, but ten! Not that I mind though, it will be worth the wait :)


almost there... - April 14

i'm just counting calender months as months and calender weeks as weeks. i'm 37 weeks, just over 8 months... (excited? yes!)


nina - April 27

how many months is 20 weeks


sabrina - April 28

i would say you was in your 5th month i do beleive that 4wks = 1 month. That is how i go by .. like I am 13wks i am 1 month and 1 week .


louise - April 30

well im 23 weeks and technically almost 6 months if u consider a month 4 weeks.but with prgnancy they break down 40 weeks into 9 months which is 8 weeks more than 8 months so technically 10 monthswhich would make u 4 months gestational age and 4and ahalf technical months


melane - April 30

tara, you have your dates all wrong don;t know what u go by but it's not no normal calendar or pregnancy calender . at 18 weeks you are 4 months exact [ based 40 weeks into 10 months]


kd - May 1

according to a book my doctor gave me(preparing for a healthy baby) 1st month is 0-6 weeks, 2nd month is 6-10 weeks, 3rd month is 10-14 weeks, 4th month is 14-19 weeks, 5th month is 19-24 weeks, 6th month is 24-28 weeks, 7th month is 28-32 weeks, 8th month is 32-36 weeks, 9th month is 36-40 weeks. hope this helps.


Jessy - May 1

you're at 4 and a half precisely...so it all depends on how you look at it..as of right now I am too..I just stay away from that confusing lingo...I just say 4 and half-going on 5 months pregnant...it's easier for normal humans to understand without giving them a pregnancy lingo lesson...lol...by the way, sabrina, you're wrong...13 weeks is not 1 month silly...and melane who told you how to add?? 4 weeks is a month (28 day intervals!!) What is 7x4? 28!! What is 4x4?16!! So add 2 weeks, that's 18...sooooo...what do we have? 4 months and 2 weeks...that's 4 and a half months!!! C'mon people didn't you do your math homework as a child??



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