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Maddie - April 23

I'm registered at Babies R' Us, and am wondering what items are absolutely vital?? If br___tfeeding, does one really need the br___tfeeding pillow? Does it help? It certainly looks comfy. Another is how many diapers should I register for, and what size?


Jenn.... - April 23

I registered for just about everything except for clothes, diapers and furniture. I got everything you can imagine and tons of clothes and diapers!! I would say register for everything you need and want. On the diapers - maybe just register for sizes 1+ b/c some babies grow out of NB so fast. The girl that threw my shower made baby clothes the "theme" on the invitation she asked everyone to bring an unwrapped small item of clothing (ie booties, cap, onsies, bib, ect). As people arrived she hung them with clothes pins on lines she had hanging around the house, it made really cute for decorations! As for the b___stfeeding pillow, I don't have experience - this is my first too, I did register for and recieve a Boppy. It is better to be prepared and set yourself up for success, I think you should add one to you list. Good luck and Congrats on your baby!!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 23

You will love the boppy even if you don't b___stfeed. I used it for bottlefeeding. I agree with Jenn on the diaper sizes, a few of each size are great. I found I liked to buy my own clothes. Register for a bouncy seat-it saved my life. That is the only way my husband and I could eat a hot meal. Gook Luck....


Candy - April 23

I did not register for many clothes or diapers because people will give you that anyway. Another reason I did not register for clothes is because whenever I use someone's registry I can never find the exact outfit they are looking for. I get frustrated and go and buy something that is easy to find. As for the diapers, I hear that you may have to try a couple different kinds of diapers b4 you find a brand you like. I still got a ton of clothes and it was actually more fun opening the gifts and getting stuff that was a surprise. I took my sister with me who is a mother of two and she helped me so much. I think I would have been way overwhelmed without her. When I was finished, I went on the internet and looked at other peoples registries and saw some things we either missed or they didn't have it in the store at the time. It's nice that you can make changes on line. Another great feature to Babies R Us is when you click on an item it gives you customer reviews. I changed my stroller because too many people complained about the size and I don't have the biggest car trunk. Good luck!


Jenb - April 23

The Boppy is the best thing that I got. It is great when you are b___stfeeding, it makes it so much more comfortable. Also, if you need to nurse in front of others and dont feel so comfortable about it, the pillow gives you extra coverage because it wraps around you. Like the other girls said, diapers are great. ( I like pampers the best, huggies are comfy but the tabs broke off too easy)Usually people give you blankets, onsies, and booties in abundance whether they are listed or not. A few extra crib sheets are good to have in case of leaky diapers in the middle of the night. A b___st pump and bottles with disposable liners. Hope you get everything that you want, especially a healthy baby and easy delivery. :0)


Maleficent - April 23

i'm getting the boppy this time around. i wish i had one with my DD. register for an ear thermometor. i love mine, love it love it love it. lansinoh makes the best b___stpads in the whole wide world. register for larger sized diapers, 1's and 2's. unless you have a preemie you'll most likely only use one bag of newborn size. i never registered for clothing but i did ask for nothing 0-3 month. again, those little critters grow very fast! i got a ton of newborn size clothing and my kids never even wore half of it. your better off with a few comfy newborn sleepers, 2 or 3 cute outfits, and then get the rest in 3-6 months and UP. the only thing besides a carseat and my b___bs that i would have died without is a sling. check out [email protected]


kk - April 24

hi, can someone eplain to me how this site works? do you get free stuff or do you have to pay for it? thanks


Davida - April 25

Are you talking about the Babies R Us web site? You register there for your baby shower and people purchase things you want and, hopefully, bring them to you at your baby shower. It's a beautiful store but kind of pricey! I always cringe when I see the invitation! But babies are expensive these days!


nhb - April 25

I got the boppy but never used it except for him to lay in while bottle feeding occasionally. Definitely crib sheets; as for the ear thermometer, the ones around me all have warnings not to use them until one year of age? That's what my E's pediatrician said too . . . but after 1 year, I'm sure it'd be really helpful! I registered for everything under the sun, and got most of it; Ethan's almost 11 months, haven't had to buy a single st_tch of clothing yet. Only things I have had to buy are diapers, wipes, and food stuffs. We registered for a little dresser/changing table, the pad that goes on it, a crib, a crib mattress, lots of clothes, some toys, blankets (although we got plenty of those anyway!). I'd say blankets, clothes, bibs are the most common baby gifts anyway, so I'm not taking the time to register for any of them this time around. My mother threw me a shower for Ethan where she wrote in all the invitations, rather than bring a card, bring a book that was signed by the person who brought it; that worked great b/c now instead of cards that aren't doing us any good, we've got a library of books he can use for a long while :o) And little books aren't that expensive, compared to $3-$5 for a card anyways, and most people are more willing to spend $5-$10 on a book than to buy a card because it'll get so much more use too.


Lynn - April 25

Babies R Us has the "New Parents Checklist" on their website that gives what I consider the minimum that you need. Personally, I don't to have to do laundry every 2 days so I plan on really stocking up in the onesie department..at least at the beginning.


kenya mama - April 27

I took a friend of mine who already has 2 kids and had her help me register for things I would really need. The boppy...A MUST!!



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