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tiffani - April 7

We are expecting our 3rd child in October and are in the market for a new (possibly 2) car. I have a Dodge Grand Caravan and my husband has a Chevy Malibu. My oldest will be 3 in May, so all 3 of my children will require a car seat. We are going to trade the Grand Caravan in for a Honda Odyssey and were thinking of also trading the Malibu for an Accord. Just looking for anyone in a similar situation who can recommend a sedan type car (preferably import) that would accomodate 3 car seats in the back. Safety is of utmost importance. Thanks for your help. :o)


SugarPie - April 7

Tiff, we actually recently purchased a Limited Edition Toyota Highlander and are waiting for the new Saab SUV to come out so we can get that one. Not only is it gorgeous, but it has a good amount of room to boot. In addition it is very reasonably priced for a Saab. We're still in the market for a good sedan as well and basically it is coming down between Volvo and Infiniti FX (even though it is an SUV it looks like a Sedan and can carry three car seats comfortably). We're usually on major highways when going between our homes and so for safety reasons and cost effective reasons we've found these two do quite well. Hope this helps and congrats again!!****


tiffani - April 7

I REALLY like the Toyota Highlander. I just looked it up and it gets great mileage for being an SUV. My minivan gets about 13 MPG, and with gas being nearly 2.50 a gallon, that really bites! I'm adding that to our list of possibilities. I'm a bit wary of a Volvo because of their less than stellar reliability. Maybe they've improved since I last gave it a glance. Maybe we could just skip a sedan all together and get a van and an SUV. Hmmm...... Thanks for your help SugarPie! :o)


SugarPie - April 7

Rocksteady!!! The Highlander seriously rocks. You just have no idea how amazing it is. I would wait till the 2006 comes out though, for one reason.They're going hybrid which means you are seriously getting more mileage than ever!!! I had a corolla for my mother and basically to fill it up last year it costed around 20-25 bucks.. to fill up the tank 3/4 is 20 bucks. So there isn't THAT much difference. And the room is gorgeous. You can absolutely fit three car seats. Wait till you see the hidden back seat!!!! That said, I don't know where you live, but there's this car place that has like three locations and they sell the Highlander.. I know the closest to me was in Maryland. Straight off the lot it was like $23,000 fully loaded V6. I wish I could remember the d__n website.. if I do, I'll post it for you. That said, they had locations in Chicago, Arizona, California and I think Denver if I'm not mistaken. So definitely get a 2006 vs. a 2005 hybrids will let you go far. And also, check out the Saab, because it isn't that much more expensive than the Highlander and I have to tell you... it's absolutely stunning!!!! Much love!!***


tiffani - April 7

Man, you've almost sold me on the Highlander. I'm taking hubby to look at one tomorrow after my ultrasound. Are they hard to find? Can I not just go to my local Toyota dealer and find them there? Don't the 2006 models start rolling out in September? I can wait that long for a hybrid. Hybrids are also more earth friendly aren't they? (I'm in Virginia by the way, between Virginia Beach and Williamsburg if you're familiar with the area at all) I'll look them up on cars.com and see if I can find one around here. I'm so excited, maybe we can forgo the mini van all together, that would be awesome. I hate mini vans, but they are practical for hauling the rugrats around. Thanks again girlfriend! :o)


SugarPie - April 7

Totally easy to find. Your local Toyota dealer will have them available. And if they don't have the colour you want it'll take less than a week to get one in. That said, it only took us a day and we had the car. I'm all for leasing, because the wear and tear that our cars take is not enough for me to buy them outright and try to get rid of them later. You are definitely going to like the Highlander. You can go with the Sequoia (sp?) or even the Land Cruiser, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the SUV when I knew I was going to get the Saab a few months later, you know? So basically you have a choice between the Highlander, Sequoia, Land Cruiser and 4 Runner. Toyota is just d__n good all the way around.. so safe and never ANY problems. So excited for you!!! Let me know what you get!!!! Go to edmunds.com . There was a car chat place that I went to and the men just gave such huge reviews over the Highlander, which is ultimately why I got it. I hope this helps!! Much love, Chica!***


MRS.R - April 8

Personally i think SAAB or VOLVO are your best bet they are VERY SAFE look at the safety ratings they are Number 1, Volvo coming in 1st. We personally own both. But i LOVE my SAAB.


Carol - April 8

Tiffani - my husband owns a car dealership and also wholesales cars. You can get honda in a station wagon for more room if needed. He will tell you that the best car out there (cost,resale value, reliability) is a honda, next is a toyota. Be careful of the Saab - very expensive to fix and not many people know how to work on them. I have an Audi A6 and I love it - lots of room!


KellyB - April 8

My husband and I just bought a Subaru Outback Wagon and we love it! We have 2 dogs and our first child on the way. It is roomy, sporty, All Wheel Drive and a rated very safe. Our other car is a Nissan Exterra. Good luck and let us know what you go with!


K - April 8

If you are looking at the Higlander Hybrid, you might want to consider getting on a waiting list for 2006 since each dealer will only get 1-2 cars a month to sell. My neighbor got on a list months ago for a 2006 because the demand will be high, as it was for the Prius. If you don't do a lot of driving, a regular Highlander would be great and you will get great deals in the Fall on a 2005 when the 2006 models come out. We were also looking at this car but have opted to go for the Toyota 4Runner instead since it's a little bigger. All Toyota's are great cars but Honda's are too so you can't go wrong either way.


Grumpy Bear - April 8

I recommend NOT getting rear side curtain air bags! They say there safe but with 3 car seats i would worry about the powder and such at least research it!


To Tiffani - April 8

Get a Doge Magnum girl!!!!


MrWinkey - April 9

Hello, MRS R tried to sell you on Saab and Volvo for the Saftey reasons and I cannot agree more, they are some of safest cars in the world. What she didn't tell you is that her husband(me) also has his own import repair shop specializing in Saab/Volvo...As for repairing Saabs there are a few very good models but most ARE expensive to repair! Saab and Audi fall into the same catagory though, Volvo is very reliable the earlier cars especially(1987-1998) We have 2 Volvos one with 338,000 and one with 150,000 miles and no major issues(original powertrain). As for the Jap lines I think Honda and Toyota are outstanding and extremely reliable. However not as safe as the Swedish/European cars. I believe the Toyota Sienna has gotten good crash ratings. I work on several and they are very reliable. I'll shut up ..just some professional input? Oh and I do not care for any of the new Saab lines...I know its my business but just being honest. Don't much care for Audi either.


Mr Winkey - April 9

Actually it just dawned on me that is our conception problem! Here all along we have been doin' it in bed? Daahh....I think I need to inspect her Volvo in the back of the Saab..ok gotta go and I won't be back for 5 WHOLE MINUTES!


Allie - April 9

We went with the Toyota Sienna...it will fit all three car seats in the middle row, but it also has the middle seat able to move up so that the infant is within reach - totally rocks!!!!


P - April 9

If you want to know about safety ratings, go to the "insurance inst_tute for highway safety". They've rated the Toyota Sienna as the safest minivan, the 4Runner as the safest SUV, Honda Accord mid size. They don't have info on every vehicle though, just the most popular ones I guess.


Marykate - April 11

I live in Ireland. When my 1st child was 20months old I had twin boys. The car we bought was a Renault Scenic. Oh the comfort, space and the drive. You can fit three big car seats in the back and had good boot space. We are now expecting another child (or two - scan not until may 11th) in October and have recently bought an Opel Zaphira which is a 7 seater also a nice car but I dont feel the same comfort as the scenic.



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