What Medicines Are Safe For Acid Reflux

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Eryn - May 13

I 've never had acid reflux but today it's been really bad. What is sage to take/ Thanks


Lissi - May 14

Can you get Gaviscon where you live? Both my SIL's swore by it when they were pregnant and it's safe to take during pregnancy. Just ask your a pharmacist at any chemist. They ought to know.


Maddie - May 14

Pepcid AC


Amy - May 14

Tums, Mylanta, and Zantac are all pregnancy safe medications for acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion.


Lissi - May 14

I thought it was just a common symptom of pregnancy?


to Lissi - May 14

Pregnancy does cause Heartburn (yuck!) and not Acid Reflux. Once an individual is diagnosed with Acid Reflux he/she has it for life, while hearburn from pregnancy usually goes away permantently after the baby is born. I hope this helps. In either case the symptoms are the same, just caused by different reasons.


Eryn - May 14

I have had heartburn and it's not that. It's a burning sensation in my chest before or after I eat something, Thanks for your help


Lissi - May 15

Well, if Acid Reflux is a burning sensation that rises from your chest to your throat and makes you cough a bit, then I've just started to get it. :( Is that it?


Mary - May 15

Acid Reflux is a chronic disease, girls! The major symptom is heartburn. If you are getting heartburn because of pregnancy, then the reason for your heartburns is, well ... you are pregnant and not the disease called Acid Reflux. If after the baby is born you still remain with the same symptoms (constant heartburn) go see a specialist to rule out Acid Reflux, which again is a life long carring illiness that needs to be kept under control will new eating/sleeping habits and even medicine. Lissi, the sensation you just described is exactly heartburn, maybe a bit stronger than you may be used to. If you truly believe you may have Acid Reflux I encourage you to discuss this with your doctor as you do not want the lining of your esophagus to get damaged. Good luck!


Lissi - May 15

Thanks Mary. I never had these symptoms at all before so it probably is just the pregnancy and it only happens occasionally if I have a big meal. It's good to know I might not have a chronic disease! :) Will get it checked out if it continues after the birth.


Jodie - May 15

I had acid reflux with my last pregnancy and used to wake constantly with the taste of vomit in my mouth, the only way i could get rid of it was to sleep sitting up, i tried to avoid antacids bc taking them to often can actually make the problem worse, drinking milk and having some bread was good aswell


Jodie - May 15

Something else i should point out, acid reflux also eats away the enamel on your teeth so you may want to get that checked out too


Once Again - May 15

Jodie, what I believe you had was bad heartburn due to pregnancy as you take about it in the past tense, as if you do not have it anymore. Do you still have the symptoms? Do you still have to care about what you eat and how you sleep? Do you take medicine daily for your Acid Reflux? if not, then you never had this disease, because once you get it it does not have a cure! Temporary heartburn due to pregnancy is not Acid Reflux. Many people use both terms as meaning the same thing. I suffer of Acid Reflux and I cannot understand why people would prefer saying they have the disease instead of having heartburn. It sucks to have GERD, which is the other name this disease is called, why would you say you have if you are lucky enough to not truly have it? it is like calling headaches a brain tumor! Or like calling forgetfulness Parkinson Disease! Why would you prefer to wish to have Acid Reflux?


Jodie - May 16

Actually once again, this is what my doctor told me, so maybe you should talk to him


Audrea - May 16

Does it really matter if someone calls their heartburn Acid Reflux. If the acid from the stomach goes up into the esophagus then it is refluxing. Hence, you get the jargon of "acid reflux" wether it is chronic or not. Geeeeze, some are so critical of others. Just let it be and get a life and find something else to gripe about. It's not like they are trying to steal "your" chronic disease and use to their advantage.


Mary - May 16

You are right Audrea, sorry. It is just hard for me to see other people make their conditions look worse than they actually are, knowing well how a serious case of GERD can change one's life forever. They just remind me of a co-worker I had once who was pregnant and called her completely safe and normal uterine cyst a cancer, just so a 2 years later she got cancer and in 6 months she was dead. One of the last things she said to us was, remember when I exagerated and used to say I had cancer those years ago? Well it has caught up to me now! I should have been more humble! So, if they want to say they have Acid Reflux then why not, right? Maybe just like may friend, their words will catch up to them, too, and that would be very sad. But hey, this is a free country, and this is my experience and my supersticions, you should, of couse, ignore them and go screaming to the world that you have chronic disease most likely you will get tons of pitty parties and never have to worry about the real thing.


Lissi - May 17

Nobody is trying to make their condition look worse to get sympathy. Is it our fault that we don't know the difference between Acid Reflux and Heartburn? Especially since doctors seem to confuse the two! I just had these weird burning sensations that I've never had before. I don't know what the hell it's called!



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